4 Best Hardware Companies with Best Products to Buy Online in UK


Finding computer hardware in UK can be a very tough job, and if you are trying to do an online hunt than multiply your upcoming troubles by ten times. First of all, there are always chances of getting scammed.

Dozens of fraudsters are sitting online, scamming hundreds of people every day with fake products and in some case no products. This not only makes you lose your hard-earned money but go crazy as well.

We all love online shopping for only one reason because nobody likes to go out of their comfort zone and especially when nobody has time these days.

After strict schedules in professional or academic life, no one wants to go out and shop until tired even on weekends. But, online scams make us all feel like someone just robbed us using fake claims.

But not anymore as we have compiled a list of four best online companies in the UK that are providing the best products in the following.

1. Reliance Solutions

This company is the number one source for computer hardware in UK if you are looking for quality and amazing hardware. Though the company excels in providing IT solutions but do not consider it less in the field of software and hardware.

This company develops software and hardware tools to support its IT solutions, which means that if you are someone looking for custom IT solutions or want custom hardware then these people are there to help you out.

They specialize in providing budget-friendly products to enhance flexibility while solving your IT problems with up-to-date technological advancements in server hardware.

This brand is special as it is providing value services, wonderful features, excellent packages, and outstanding customer support. Surely you are never going to regret buying hardware equipment from them. They are providing almost all kind of hardware equipment including laptops, tablets, networking devices such as routers, switches, and hubs etc.

2. Europc.cco.uk

If you are a PC enthusiast then this is the company for you. They excel in providing the world’s best PC, hardware and related services. Established in 1997 they operate mainly as a reseller of international brands. This company is so popular among customers that in 2002 it was included in the top hundred fastest-growing companies inthe UK.

It does not matter in which part of the world you are you can always place an order through their website. Even their refurbished equipment is better than their competition in the market. With over two thousand customers and a 70%RRP rate, this company is surely hard to beat.

Above all this company provide you with 3-year on-site warranty support, which means that you won’t have to run behind them for claiming warranty rather have them come to you for repairs and fixture. Moreover, they provide next day delivery which means that no waiting to try your new amazing equipment.

3. Scan.co.uk

Third, on our list is a company that provides all kinds of hardware services. Everything. PC’s, components, storages, peripherals, displays, networking hardware, audio, mobile devices, and even drones.

They even provide software and related services to these hardware products in case you are someone who needs support.

And if not satisfied with online service you can even visit the showroom where they proudly display their extraordinary range of PC’s, computer hardware, peripherals, monitors, audio and video equipment’s, and al of this from top-notch brands including some of the business tycoons such as Intel, NVIDIA, Asus, Blade, DJI, Black Magic, and Lacie.

4. Novatech

This online store is huge, but if you are looking for an online store that only offers hardware and computer services, then Novatech is your best option. The company sells more than 20,000 high-tech services related to online technology and science, taking into account the price discount the company offers its customers.

Budgeting is one of the key issues when looking for any software application online because no one wants to buy any product that is at an expensive price as well as in the case of computers, where the machine will do a lot ofheavy work. In that case, the company promises to provide you with the best hardware and the best quality.

However, the best feature of this company is not the equipment it provides, but the primary service and the business it provides to its customers. Novatech offers a total cost analysis service to help you evaluate the value of your products and services, many ideas to help you design your PC in the latest way from fashion, store and specification. What more could you ask for?

So, this was our list of the 4 best online places to buy computer hardware inUK. We hope you like it. Kindly do share what you think about this list of best computer hardware and related services.