5 Best Ways to Enhance Your Essay Writing Skills


An essay is a paper containing the writer’s opinion about a particular phenomenon or problem. One that distinguishes essays from other types of writing is that essays generally flow following the structure of writing such as introduction, content and conclusions. Students must have had the task of writing an essay from my teacher. Actually, writing an essay isn’t as difficult as students think, it’s just that you need to be careful in building and developing the arguments you get from simple research. How to write a good essay? Check out the following tips.

1. Understand the Topic

Before writing an essay, it is important for you to determine what topics will be discussed in the essay you will write. However, sometimes essay topics are not always determined so you need to find ways to find topics that you can express in your essay. You can determine the topic of the essay from the subject matter that you have found before so that it will be easier for you to find answers and develop arguments.

2. Create an Essay Outline

Because the essay has a structured writing characteristic, it would be better if you start to draw up a rough draft before actually pouring your ideas into the essay. Creating an essay framework is very useful because it will help you in giving clues about the essay you will produce. You can also write the core and anything and references that you will put in the essay.

3. Following the Writing Structure

Essay writing should follow a structure consisting of introduction, content and conclusions. The introduction contains answers to questions and a summary of the author’s opinion. While the contents include answers to questions along with the development of the author’s arguments. In this section, you can freely convey knowledge and information related to the answers presented. Do not forget to include sources such as books, journals and other readings that can be accounted for their credibility and avoid plagiarism. Finally, the conclusions section that contains answers that refer to the questions asked at the beginning of the essay. It should be noted in conclusion, you don’t need to write new information.

4. Refer to a Trusted Source

Writing an essay must refer to credible reading sources. Credible means the source of both books and articles in print, online and scientific journals that are used as a reference can be held responsible for both the individual who wrote and the institutions that shelter them. By using credible sources or references, your essay will also be of higher quality and minimize hoaxes or hoaxes that can reduce the credibility of the essay.

5. Build and Develop Arguments

The stages of building and developing an argument are important things to do when writing an essay because with an argument you can express ideas and ideas and describe the answers to the questions in the essay. You can start from understanding the keywords or the core of the problem or question that is the main topic of this essay. Next, look for examples or phenomena that are relevant to the topic and make them complement your arguments. Don’t forget to use quotations from references that support your argument so that it will further convince the reader and increase the credibility of the essay and maintain the originality of the essay writing. Quotations in the essay can distinguish between the author’s ideas and the ideas from the references made by the author.

Here are five essay writing tips that can help you do your essay writing assignments. The most important thing is, don’t forget to include the resource person so that your writing will avoid plagiarism.

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