6 Factors to Consider before Choosing the Best Internet Service Provider near You


Access to good quality internet is very important if not essential. The current circumstances require businesses and homes alike to have stable and functioning wireless networks. Choosing the best wifi or internet for home can be seemingly complicated. However, we are here to break it down for you in simple criteria. So, here is everything you need to consider in order to get the best wireless wifi internet for your home.

1. Speed

Slow and steady does not win the race in the case of your wifi internet for home. Internet speed is known as bandwidth. It refers to the maximum rate at which your internet allows you to download data. It is measured in megabits per second. If your job required you to handle a lot of data, or if you have multiple devices functioning at the same time, then you will need a larger bandwidth for all the devices to work effectively. The base limit for a good bandwidth is 1-4 mbps. With this bandwidth, you can browse through social media, play games, and have video calls. However, downloading large files and streaming videos will require a higher bandwidth.

2. Accessibility

A lot of people forget to consider the basic factor of accessibility when looking for wireless wifi or internet connection. Your choice of provider, be it ACT or Airtel, needs to be active in your area of residence. Make sure that the internet provider has active towers in your area by accessing their official website. Most companies have the option of browsing for active locations. However, it is always advisable to go for a more local company than a large-scale internet service provider. Such companies have convenient office locations, quick customer service, and more flexible options when compared to a larger company.

3. Cost of Connection

The cost quoted by your internet service provider is extremely important in determining whether or not you should buy their service. Ideally, the cost of your wifi connection and the bandwidth and speed must be in a healthy proportion. If you use a single device to work on your projects, then paying a huge sum of money does not make sense, as you do not need a large bandwidth. However, if you run large scale operations at home, or if there are multiple devices that are constantly downloading data, then you need a stable and reliable internet connection. Only in this case, it is advisable to pay more. Consider consulting other residents in your area and their choice of provider before making your decision in terms of cost.

4. Reliability

A lot of online tasks cannot risk having interruptions in internet connection. So, when looking for wifi or internet for home, consider whether the service provider is reliable. Consider choosing an internet service provider who hands you a service agreement before your transaction. Most companies have a level of quality of internet that they must provide, which reflects on this agreement. In addition to this, consider the fact that a lot of things can go wrong regardless of how fast your internet connection is. There might be accidents, wire cuts or strong winds and rains affecting your connection. Hence, you need a provider who gives you satisfactory customer service to rectify these problems. A good service provider will have your issues fixed instantly, without waiting for external assistance.

5. Bundling

While choosing wifi internet for home, know that most companies offer different combinations of devices that you can use with their internet. Internet service providers can sell you a very sweet deal for television, phone and internet connections. However, only buy into these after weighing out other alternatives. If you already have phone services and cable services from the same company, then you can save up a lot on your internet connection.

6. Data Caps

If an internet service provider has a maximum limit on the data you can download per month, then you should probably move on to another provider. Data caps are a negative factor if you are a frequent Youtube or Netflix user.


After looking at the above-mentioned factors, you might end up with very few internet service providers, do your research to find the best wifi internet providers for home. However, this is an indication of better quality wireless wifi internetfor your home.