USPS every door direct mail

6 FAQs for Every Door Direct Mail Marketing You Need to Know


Creating a stir in the competitive market and getting the results can be tricky if you don’t choose the right medium. But if you are looking for a cost effective way to make an impression in the mind of your local customers, then running an EDDM campaign will be a great idea.

FAQs On USPS Every Door Direct Mail

EDDM marketing can bring a breakthrough in your marketing. While this is a cost effective solution, it also offers you target your demographic more accurately. Even in the digital age, the demand for printed postcards for USPS every door direct mail has only increased. So, if you are looking for an ideal solution that will promote you without burning a hole in your pocket, then EDDM is the best bet.

As you are ordering postcard mailing services for the first time, it is obvious that you will have a few questions in mind. In the following FAQs you will find all your answers.

What is Every Door Direct Mail?

Every door direct mail program is created by the United States Postal Services. This program includes postcards printing and mailing to your target audience by the USPS. With this, you need to just place the order. The postcards will be printed, bundled and dropped at the USPS office from where they will be dropped at every doorstep in a given ZIP code area. If you are going for EDDM mailing program, then you don’t need to pay any extra postal charges. You will not need any permit either.

Can I Target the Demographic with this option?

Yes, you can do that with EDDM. With the help of a digital marketing tool, you can easily find out the location, age and any other details of your target demographic. And keeping that demographic in mind, you can order your every door direct mail in California. Your postcards will be dropped at the doorstep of the ideal demographic. This way you can target better with EDDM solutions.

Will It Get Delivered to All the Houses?

 Yes, it will. Once you determine the carrier route or the ZIP code, the EDDM mailers will be dropped at every door of the same area. You can also exclude business establishments and post boxes in those areas. Companies like Hamilton Marketing will help you do it without any glitches.

Are Postage Prices Included in the Cost of EDDM?

When you are hiring a reputed company for EDDM, you can rest assured that the postage charges will be included in the total cost of the EDDM. In fact, due to the competitive market, many printing companies offer low postal charges for mailers. You can take advantage of that easily.

How Can You Design Your Postcards for EDDM?

When you are planning EDDM marketing campaign, you need to think of the design of your postcards too. As this is a printed tool, the aesthetic appeal will play a big part in impressing your customers. So, you need to ensure that the postcard looks attractive and stands out from the crowd. You can create the design with the in-house designer or you can get EDDM templates and ask the printing company to design it for you.

What Things Should You Check about the Printing Company before ordering EDDM?

When you are hiring a printing company for EDDM, you are investing your money to get some returns. So, you need to know that you are working with the best people. Check their previous works. Ask if they offer complete customization regarding postcard size, paperstock, color printing and so on. Make sure they have good reviews online and are BBB accredited companies.

So, now as you have the basic knowledge about EDDM from these FAQs, what are you waiting for? Find the right printing company and place your order today.