8 Unique Jewellery Collections for Special Times


Indian traditional jewellery and accessories offer unique styles and patterns. Apart from the textile industry, one can see a spectrum of antique jewellery, tribal jewellery online, and unique traditional accessories, which are hard to miss. 

India is a place where there are 366 festivals in a year! (That’s not very mathematical!)

In such kind of place, more is actually less. So, choose unique jewellery and save them for high times such as weddings, festivals and other special times such as dates. Let’s check out 8 unique artificial jewellery collection that you shouldn’t miss.

Brass Chain Necklace

A unique collection is not to ignore. 

This kind of layered chain necklaces is quite in trend and look amazing with Indowestern and traditional dresses as well. This kind of necklaces is a one-man army and doesn’t need any other jewellery to sync.

Enchanted Earrings

Now, this is a kind of versatile pair to get for your lovely deep neck western gown. Better than just artificial jewellery, this pair of German silver earrings would not hamper your skin’s health. 

Beaded & Ghungroo Earrings

Do they look like shells? Well, they are light weighted glass beads. So, in case you are going to a beach today or nearby days, this is the best jewel piece to save. The metallic stud and ghungroo at the edge will surely attract oodles of compliments from everywhere. 

Brass Designer Anklet

Bring a pinch of sophistication with this tribal style brass made anklet. This anklet is intricately designed for contemporary women so that she can embrace the beauty of this jewel piece in her special days.

Necklace for Seashell Lovers

Seashells and conches are the perfect souvenirs of beach lovers. And if you wish to rejoice such moments even with or without going there, this seashell necklace is a beautiful catch for you. 

Shell & Crochet Designer Neckpiece

Delicate jewellery is the choice of riches. 

The time has come to boast your choice now with this shell and crochet designer neckpiece. Find this jewellery online and don’t forget to wear it without any earrings and your fave cotton saree. 

Green Stone Simple Necklace 

Make your appearance magical with such a stunning necklace with a green stone pendant. This is surely a steal for your western long gowns. It has a choker style and possesses engraved embellishments, which make it a lovely piece for every woman out there.