A Complete Internet Package via Orbi Rbk50


If you are like me and want to always be connected but encounter network issues even when you are at home and have a wifi router well then you know the struggle and with the advent of the corona virus pandemic the internet demand is at an all-time high so a lot of people are struggling to get connected. This was an unprecedented scenario as a lot of people who weren’t previously using internet have now started using it as the current situation demands it, this has created a huge demand for networking devices. The world is now connected online, people are working from home and students are being taught online and this creates a huge load on their data consumption. I personally use internet a lot and so when I started having latency and speed issues I thought of changing the router location but it was useless so I went and bought the netgear orbi rbk50 router. It is a mesh router and honestly one of the best routers out there. This was an excellent solution to my networking problems.

Setting up the Orbi router

There are many different ways to setup the router and below are all of them. After you have purchased the router make sure to unpack it carefully as there may be some delicate parts and make sure that before starting the netgear orbi rbk50 setup make sure to plug it into a power socket and not into and extension box. Once the router has been plugged in turn it on and connect it to your personal computer using an Ethernet cable or you can also connect it wirelessly using your phone of smart device, I connected it to my personal computer using an Ethernet cable and opened my web browser and typed in the default i.p address and the user details which you can find on the back of the router and log in. Once you have logged you can change your SSID and password and change the settings to your wish. Once you have modified the settings, plug in the internet cable into the WAN socket at the back of the router and it will automatically connect to the internet. There is also another way to setup the router you can also setup orbi rbk50 setup via orbi app and for that all you have to do is plug in the router and turn it on and open the orbi app by downloading it from either the play store or the App Store and simply wait for the app to scan and identify the router in your vicinity. Once it identifies the router simply select it and modify the router settings. This concludes the setup via the app.

Orbi rbk50 Setup

You can also complete the Netgear orbi rbk50 setup via orbilogin.com. Enter orbilogin.com into a web browser and enter the required credentials. Once you have logged into it you can modify the router’s settings and it is also a unique way to modify the settings as you can change the router’s settings from anywhere just by logging into orbilogin.com using your login credentials. If you want to setup the router the old fashioned way and want to modify the settings at an advanced level you can also complete orbi rbk50 setup as this gives you access to all the router’s settings. To do this setup head over to the in a web browser and enter the requires login credentials and modify the settings according to your needs. This completes the setup instructions.

Factory Resetting the Router

If you encounter any issues while using the router or while setting it up then I suggest that you do a thorough factory reset. To do this there are two ways. You can head over to the default page and reset the router from there or you can press and hold the reset button at the back of the router for 5 seconds until all the LEDs start blinking rapidly, once they start blinking rapidly wait for 30 seconds until they stop blinking. Once they stopped blinking your router has been factory resetted.