Amazing Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feed on Website

Digital Marketing

Titled as one of the best social media platforms for brands to do the marketing of their products & services- ‘Instagram’ has literally helped them to grow their online presence.

Instagram is said to be a trap, as once the users enter into this platform, they just can’t find the exit. 

Why not take advantage of this fact by embedding Instagram feeds on your website to enhance your brand’s credibility?

Embedding Instagram feeds a strategic decision and therefore, can help brands go a long way. 

It comes with many advantages like building brand trust & customer loyalty, increasing website traffic, boosting the brand-customer relationship, and more. 

If you want to know about the benefits of embedding Instagram feeds on a website, then keep scrolling down!

Major Benefits of Embedding Instagram Feeds on Website

1, Increases the Reach for Instagram Content

When you embed Instagram feeds on your website, you also increase the chances of your Instagram profile’s reach. 

It is obvious that when the users visit your website, they will be redirected to your official Instagram.

This way, you can also increase the engagement with your content & followers on the official handle. 

2. UGC Builds Trust

As you must know, Instagram feeds are user-generated content (UGC), the most authentic and trustworthy form of content. 

It is created and shared by the users only; that is why other users find UGC more trustable. 

And when user-generated Instagram feeds are embedded on your website, they automatically attain the trust of visitors. 

3. Drives Sales with Social Proof

The ultimate goal of every marketer is to boost conversions. So, embedding Instagram feeds on the website is one of the most effective ways to drive more sales along with providing social proof. 

But how do Instagram feeds act as social proof? Well, the answer to this is that Instagram feeds in the form of visuals, reviews, testimonials, etc. capture the attention of users. It is because users trust user-generated content more than branded content.

4. Increase in Conversion Rates

By embedding Instagram feeds on your website, you tend to bring the point of inspiration and point of sales at the same place. 

This helps improve the buying journey of the customers and make their purchasing decision in your brand’s favor. 

This way, you can enhance the conversion rates by turning your site visitors into your customers. 

5. Build a Stronger Brand Image 

As mentioned above already, embedding Instagram feeds on the website helps you grow your social reach. 

Once you reach your target audience & boost your social influence too, you end up building a stronger brand image amongst your customers. This happens when more and more people talk about your brand and are aware of it completely. 

6. Increases Visitors Engagement

User-generated Instagram feeds are quite addictive, so it makes it hard for visitors to leave your website. This results in an increase in visitors’ engagement. 

7. Boost Dwell Time

The dwell time obviously increases when the engagement on your website increases. 

8. Increases User Interaction

User-generated content encourages users to create & share creative content regarding your brand. This helps in spreading word of mouth (WOM) marketing.

9. Amplify Website Vibrancy

Last but not least, embedding colorful Instagram feeds on your website results in increasing its vibrancy. The more attractive your site will look, the more people will spend time on it. 

How are Instagram Feeds Embedded on the Website?

The advancement of technology has given rise to the buzzword i.e., Social Media Aggregator Tools like Taggbox. These tools help in collecting, curating & embedding Instagram feeds in real-time on your website. 

Also, taggbox offers a variety of features that are mentioned below:

  • Customization: There are diverse designing options available like banners, backgrounds, font sizes & colors, themes, etc., through which you can change the look of your Instagram feeds.
  • Moderation Panel: This feature offered by Taggbox helps in eliminating unnecessary & irrelevant content from your Instagram feeds. 

Moderation panel is very important as social media networks are accessible by everyone, so there are more chances of trolling. 

  • Insightful Analytics: The in-built analytics feature helps in monitoring the performance of your Instagram feeds in terms of conversions, impressions, clicks, and more. 

Once you analyze the report, you can optimize the feeds to improve their performance. 

  • More: There are so many other mind blowing features as well that are offered by Taggbox Widget, such as Hashtag Highlighter, Ticker, Custom Posts, Download Images, and so on.


Offering valuable user-generated content, Instagram can be leveraged as an advantageous marketing tool for overall business growth. 

All you have to do is embed Instagram feed on your website to unlock your brand’s door opportunities. For instance, drive new users as well as increase engagement on your website in no time.