An Absolute Guide on What is Android Programming Language


First time we heard the word android was when smartphones were launched in our country. You know that smartphones work only through the android operating system. The operating system works or we can say created by the android programming language. Many people don’t know about the android programming language. Through this blog you will get what is android programming and its detailed study.

What is Android Programming Language ?

Most people use android smartphones in comparison to ios, because they are reliable and good in price. Android cell phones are the top of the line cell phone on the planet. Will any of you realize what is Android and on hearing its name, your consideration must be straightforwardly on your telephone that this is Android. We also provide programming assignment help to students to reduce their stress. Be that as it may, we will mention to you in detail what is the Android programming language.

Android is a working framework dependent on the Linux bit, created by Google. Linux is an open-source and free working framework where Android is worked with numerous adjustments. Linux working frameworks are utilized for workers and PCs, so Android is explicitly intended for screen cell phones, for example, cell phones and tablets with the goal that the capacities and applications we use in PCs are additionally on our versatile Easy to utilize.

History of Android Programming Language

Android was dispatched in the year 2003 on Android inc. Was made by ANDY Rubin, after which it was bought by Google in 2005. Also, Andy Rubin was made the head of Android working framework improvement. Google discovered Android an extremely fascinating idea with the assistance of which they can make an incredible and free working framework. Android was dispatched in January 2007 and the Android working framework was declared also. In 2008, HTC Dream was dispatched in the market, which was the primary telephone to run on Android OS. From that point forward, a great deal of Android variants were dispatched which gave the Android a decent reaction by the youthful clients.

After Android got main stream in 2013, Andy Rubin left Google for one of his undertakings, leaving Sundar Pichai as a head. Today under the administration of Sundar Pichai, it is going on the apex of accomplishment and now thinks about the highlights of Android.

Features of Android Programming Language

Android has end up being an awesome stage and the highlights of Android improve it than different stages and they will likewise be given data about you: –

User Interface

The Android programming language gives a delightful and instinctive interface. Which is anything but difficult to utilize. Any conventional individual who is utilizing a cell phone unexpectedly can likewise work it without any problem.

Different Languages Uphold

Android programming language bolsters numerous dialects, for example, English, Hindi, Punjabi, Gujrati, Bengali, Telugu, and so forth You can pick your favored language and use it on your telephone.

Performing Various Tasks

Multitasking implies that you can do various things without a moment’s delay. Like you are doing some hunt on Google and you can likewise tune in to melodies from the music application just as download any record.


Talking about availability in Android programming language, it incorporates wifi, BlueTooth, hotspot, CDMA, 3g, 4g, and so on, so you can undoubtedly associate with different organizations without any problem.


In Android, you can utilize it by introducing your preferred use. In the Android working framework, the Google Play Store is a default application that permits clients to download for nothing. You can download incalculable applications from Google Play Store. The uncommon thing about the Android working framework is that it is a free and open source working framework. That is, it tends to be utilized on any cell phone. Its source can be composed by any CO-engineer, after which they can make adjustments as per their need. This makes it simpler for software engineers and designers to make applications. Which isn’t there in some other working framework.

Which Programming Languages ​​Use To Create Apps in Android Programming Language


Java is the official language for Android programming. At whatever point we need to make Android applications, we need to make it utilizing Java. We can make non-game applications through Java. Java is an item arranged programming language through which we can make Android applications in Android Studio.


Kotlin is likewise an official language for Android advancement. We run kotlin in a Java virtual machine to make Android apps.its likewise totally interoperable with java and doesn’t create any log jam or increment in document sizes. The thing that matters is that Kotlin requires less standard code and a simple to understand framework.


We use C ++ to fabricate gaming applications. As we realize that C ++ is a troublesome language, it is finished by enormous and proficient groups. android Studio additionally bolsters C ++ with the utilization of Java NDK.


C# is a more beginner neighborly alternative rather than C or C++ that mixes more code. It is in like manner to some degree less problematic than Java, be that as it may, the two tongues are relative. It’s supported by some amazingly advantageous gadgets like Unity and Xamarin, which are mind blowing for the game’s unforeseen development and cross-stage improvement. C# with Unity is the best option for some convenient game fashioners.


Another cross-stage gadget dependent on LUA. It incredibly smoothes out the application building measure while as yet allowing you to call neighborhood libraries. JavaScript

Java Script

(Phone-Gap) If you certainly acknowledge how to manufacture insightful site pages, by then you can use this data with Phone-Gap to build a logically basic cross-stage application.


So, this is all about the android programming languages. If you want to become an android programmer you should start learning these above mentioned languages. In case you have any question regarding this, then write in the comment box.