Best Cartoons Online; Miniature Lives Enjoy It


All children love to watch cartoons. They try to find their identity in the cartoons. Cartoon makers also try to make the best cartoons online in the minds of children. Not all children like to watch the same cartoons. Some people like superhero type cartoons, some people like Barbie cartoons, some people like Tom and Jerry, some people like Mina cartoons, Doraemon cartoons, Chhota Bheem cartoons etc. Whatever the choice, children are learning something from each cartoon character. Children always like to do something on their own. And they always try to do something that adults like to see. It will help children develop emotionally, increase thinking ability, increase creativity, create a collaborative attitude, and the mindset to do something new.

Here is a list of the best cartoons online. You can watch any cartoon on your mood and interest.

1.   YouTube:

How can we forget this popular platform? It is a very popular platform for watching online videos.  You can easily find any video, song, movie, dance, movie trailer, web series, and any animation cinema on this site. Don’t disremember that you can easily watch free cartoons series on YouTube. As it is a huge stage with a huge cartoon collection, making it a free platform to watch cartoons for free on online. YouTube exceeds 35 million followers every day.

2.   Disney Junior:

Disney Junior is an extensive site for watching cartoons online. You can watch diverse animated movies, all Disney cartoons for without cost here. “Where the magic begins” is the slogan of the site. Disney Junior is a great entertainment site for adults. Disney has its name in the cartoon industry, which has captured the attention of children and young. This is one of the best websites to watch cartoons online.

3.   Watch Cartoon Online:

Watch cartoons online in the list of sites to watch animations online is quite amazing. This website has lots of cartoon shows and movies that kids love. And it’s very easy to use, so kids can easily manage and use Watch Cartoon Online. However, the only problem is that there are additional ads. This site has a great list of various dubbed, subbed, movies, series, and other cartoon shows. Just open the Watch Cartoon online website and watch the cartoon you are looking for online for free.

4.   Nick:

Nick is one of my favorite and best sites to watch cartoons online. Like Disney, Nick Cartoon is another popular gallery. This website provides episodes, games, playlists, and shows like our favorite shows, Sam and Cat, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Jimmy Neutron, Avatar, etc. Nick’s interface is quite interesting and fun. This is a great and famous platform for kids to enjoy cartoons online in free HD. The site will empower you to search for your favorite cartoons and also watch new videos and TV shows on the website.

5.   Cartoon Network:

The Cartoon Network is a very famous website for kids and they love to watch online cartoons series. Not only kids but also adults can enjoy cartoons from this website. Cartoon Network brings you animated shorts, a great episode, and the best cartoons. Another extensive thing is that you can watch cartoons on your mobile phone. This website has different gaming applications in addition to games, cartoon videos. The Cartoon Network channel is a favorite of many children. There are about 50,000 movies and cartoons. A great features of this site is that you can easily filter videos by characters to your favorite one. There is no problem with any ads throughout the cartoon.


We all like to watch cartoons more or less, and kids love to watch cartoons so much that they are busy watching it all the time. However, I discussed some of the websites above, from where you can watch cartoons directly for free. Now, you have a great opportunity to reawaken old memories. Hope you like these sites.