Best Things to Do In West Virginia


West Virginia is situated in the unique Appalachian Mountains and this is the place experience darlings get the opportunity to stroll on the wild side along the incredible Appalachian Trail. Common War history buffs revel in villages like Harpers Ferry and one of four Carnegie Halls on the planet entices guests to Lewisburg’s social scene. Here are the best activities in West Virginia. Always enjoy your journey in West Virginia with spirit airlines booking.

Harpers Ferry

The Shenandoah River meets the Potomac River at this little West Virginia town, which was the site of abolitionist John Brown’s attack on the United States armory in 1859, an occasion that rushed the beginning of the Civil War. Harpers Ferry National Historical Park has galleries, chronicled shows, and projects, in addition to around 20 miles of climbing trails. You can investigate the stones where the streams get and walk together to St. Diminish’s Roman Catholic Church and the old burial ground on the slope behind it.

Legacy Farm Museum and Village

Legacy Farm Museum and Village is settled in West Virginia’s Ohio River Valley and is devoted to permitting guests to find the pleasing history of Appalachia. The town contains in excess of 15 log structures, five of which give one of a kind legacy motivated vacationer facilities including a train rear. Guests can investigate a metal forger shop, log church, residence site, petting zoo, and a kids’ machine disclosure zone. Seven honor winning historical centers will engage grown-ups and kids the same, from the Country Store Museum to the Bowes Doll and Carriage Museum to the Children’s Activity Museum. There are additionally climbing trails, guided visits, craftsman creates, and a blessing shop.

New River Gorge National River

In spite of its name, New River is really probably the most established waterway on the landmass. As it streams into West Virginia, it slices through the Appalachian Plateau, framing the New River Gorge and a lot of whitewater for tubing, boating, and kayaking. Other recreational open doors are surrounding it: climbing, ziplining, chasing, fishing, winged animal watching, outdoors, biking, and rock climbing.

Presentation Coal Mine

The Exhibition Coal Mine is an occasional movement in Beckley, West Virginia, including an underground mine, coal camp, historical center, and blessing shop. A huge number of guests every year advance toward New River Park to take an underground visit in the vintage coal mineshaft. Visitors will appreciate a guided ride gave by veteran diggers who depict the customary mining obligations of over a wide span of time. What’s more, guests can visit the first coal camp structures that are arranged all through the grounds, including the Coal Company House, Pemberton Coal Camp Church, and the Helen Coal Camp School.

The Greenbrier

The Greenbrier, America’s Resort, has recently been declassified, so now enlisted retreat visitors and the general population can visit the once highly confidential congressional movement office named The Bunker. This concealed crisis aftermath cover from the Cold War time was drilled into the mountainside under the West Virginia Wing of The Greenbrier inn. Every day guided visits leave from the Trellis Lobby and take about an hour and a half. History buffs will value the $5 coupons toward the acquisition of the book, The History of the Greenbrier, or the DVD, The Greenbrier, America’s Resort, The Brief History, dispersed toward the finish of each visit. Kids under 10 are not conceded.


This all-year resort is most popular for its skiing, with three separate territories to browse, all with 100% snowmaking. With an 800-foot vertical drop, Snowshoe Basin’s 38 paths spread all experience levels, served by seven lifts, including a rapid separable quad. Of Silver Creek’s 18 paths, 12 are open for late evening skiing. The Western Territory Area’s precarious, rough landscape has 1,500 feet of vertical drop, the most developed landscape in the locale. Soaks on Cupp Run, structured by unbelievable Olympian Jean-Claude Killy, and Shay’s Revenge arrive at 52 percent pitch.

West Virginia Botanic Garden

The West Virginia Botanic Garden is an acknowledged dream that started in 2000 on the previous 80-section of land Tibbs Run Reservoir. These perfectly arranged nurseries were made and formed for the sheer happiness regarding its guests. Visitors can relax in the entirety of its wondrous brilliance day by day from first light till nightfall. There is a rich assortment of local elaborate plants and moving scenes. Workshops and guided strolls are offered consistently, featuring the vegetation that flourishes during each season. Visitors can likewise take one of nine guided visits, each concentrating on a particular part of the nursery, from wildflowers to creatures of land and water.