Can You Automate an Existing Garage Door?


One of the most common things that pop up in the mind of a lot of house owners is whether their manual garage door can be automated or not. Well, the answer is; it depends upon a lot of factors.

From the factors that’ll decide whether you can automate an existing garage door to the benefits of converting to an electric garage door. And of course, the cost that you’ll pay to the automatic garage door installers, we’ve got everything sorted out for you right here.

So, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and read this post until the end to get the most out of it.

Some Deciding Factors

There might be many reasons for converting your existing manual door to an automated one. But before you upgrade them, there are a couple of factors that you need to be considerate about. Some of them are:

The Condition of The Garage Door:

The first and foremost factor that you need to consider prior to converting a manual garage door to an automated one is the condition. You need to check whether the door is opening and closing easily and it does not rub itself on the frame or even the floor. If you’ve noticed that it’s moving easily and freely, then trust us, you’re off to an excellent start and your garage door can be automated without any hassle.

However, if you’ve noticed that the garage door is stiff and incorporates other issues, then the whole process might be a bit challenging for the local garage door installers as well.

Keep in mind that the age of the garage door also plays a vital role in the conversion. But anything is possible as long as you are willing to put an extra effort!

The Kind of Garage Door:

We all know that there are different types of garage doors available in the market. And if you’re wondering the same motor will be used for each type of door, then you are wrong. Some of the garage doors tend to open horizontally while others open vertically. Each of the type of door need specialized motors.

Note: Automatic garage door installers near you will be able to automate the old retractable garage door only if the condition is reasonable.

Automating Sectional Doors:

As a matter of fact, all of the sectional doors have the tendency to be automated. The only thing that you need to see is that the condition of the door is reasonable. If not, then you’ll have to get them repaired and then choose a motor that meets and exceeds your needs.

Automating Roller Doors:

Just as similar to the sectional door, the roller doors can also be motorized without any hassle. There are a lot of motors that can be attached to the roller garage doors. Yet again, the condition of the door matters a lot.

Automating Up and Over Doors:

The up and over canopy garage doors are not meant to be motorized at all. However, no one said that it is not doable, right? With the help of the bow arm conversion kit, you’ll be able to automate such doors as well.

The Surroundings Within The Garage:

If the physical condition of the garage is not favorable, then a motorized door might also be not suitable. You might be able to squeeze the motor in but instead of making your life easy, the garage doors motor will make create issues.

So, before you plan on installing garage door motors with the existing manual doors, you need to consider the above-mentioned factors.

The Prime Benefits of Converting a Garage Door

The automated garage doors are not only convenient but are safe to use as well. For example, if the garage door is closing and it hits an obstacle, it’ll start to auto-reverse.

Also, you will be able to open and close the garage door with the help of a single push of a button. So, who needs to get out of the car, open the garage door, park the car inside, and then again close the garage door? Get your garage door automated and operate it with just a push of a button.

The Cost of Conversion

Yet again, the cost of the conversion will vary depending upon the automatic garage door installers you choose to hire and the condition of the garage door. Before you hire a professional for the project, it is highly recommended that you get at least 3 or more estimates from different companies. This will help you in understanding the overall cost of your project and also the provision of the services.


Almost all of the garage doors can be automated. You just need to keep in mind that the condition of the garage doors is favorable and there is enough space in the garage to accommodate them as well. What else? Make sure that you choose the right motor for the garage door that is installed on the house.