Gentle Care for Sensitive Skin


One of the most common problems of girls is capricious and sensitive skin. Of course, it is impossible to change the covering of the body, but it is necessary to take proper care of oneself. Thin and vulnerable skin reacts sharply to irritating factors. Finding the right product can be very difficult. Therefore, it is so important to know some of the nuances of using cosmetic products, as well as how masks for sensitive skin affect cells.

How to carry out Cosmetic Procedures Correctly?

Most salon and store products for naughty skin care contain a lot of chemicals, which is not always good for natural skin care products. Therefore, we offer natural masks that you can prepare yourself at home. This way you will know exactly what you are using for your skin. The effect of masks cannot be underestimated, because they nourish the epidermis, filling cells with vitamins and minerals, moisturize, restore, protect, making the skin less sensitive. The complexion becomes more even and healthy.

  • Masks must be used very carefully. Be sure to check the compound at the bend of the elbow to detect an allergic reaction.
  • Do not scrub your skin to avoid injury.
  • Do not apply the mask in a thick layer, the active elements can negatively affect the skin.
  • Stop the procedure if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Leave the mask for no longer than 15 minutes. This time is enough for the mixture to act on the cells, but not load them.
  • It is recommended to wash off the composition with warm water. The skin should dry on its own, no need to blot it with a towel. Apply a nourishing cream.

Remember, caring for sensitive skin requires patience and precision. By following all the rules and following the recipes, you will achieve a positive effect.

The Best Beauty Recipes for Sensitive Skin

Choose the composition carefully, all ingredients must be fresh and natural, best of all – homemade. Cosmetic procedures should be carried out regularly, so do not choose recipes with hard-to-find products, so that there will be no problems when preparing the mask.

  1. Perfectly moisturizes formulations based on dairy products, such as cottage cheese. Mix 40 g of crumbly product with 20 g of cucumber pulp and 15 ml of warmed milk, apply to face and cover with a gauze bandage. The moist ingredients not only nourish the cells, but also improve the appearance of the skin.
  2. Milk is an important product in a mask for sensitive and capricious skin. Add 20 ml of warmed milk to mashed potatoes, add 20 ml of olive oil to the mixture. The miraculous elixir is ready.
  3. By itself, boiled potatoes are good for nourishing and softening skin prone to irritation and flaking. Boil the tuber, peel and mash in mashed potatoes or cut into circles. Put the resulting product on your face after it has cooled slightly, remove after 12-15 minutes.
  4. Cabbage is one of the oldest remedies for sensitive skin, but before using it, we recommend rubbing the surface of your face with olive oil. Chop fresh leaves and simmer in milk. After cooling, apply the gruel to your face.
  5. You can also add yolk and olive oil to finely chopped cabbage. It takes 15 minutes to use such a mask, then rinse with cool water.
  6. Many times we have been convinced of the benefits of oatmeal not only for health, but also for beauty. Boil oatmeal, cool and apply on face. You can add honey to the composition of the mass – an indispensable product for nourishing the skin. However, be aware that this beekeeping product may cause an allergic reaction.
  7. You can also mix egg yolk, cottage cheese and banana pulp into boiled oatmeal, all in equal proportions. If your skin is severely flaky, add 15 ml of flaxseed oil. Thanks to its rich composition, it gently eliminates flaking, soothes the surface of the face and makes the skin smooth and silky.
  8. Moisturizing the epidermis with yolk became a very long time ago, this method does not lose popularity. Wipe the surface of your face with olive oil, add some hot water to the bright part of the egg, but make sure that the yolk does not boil. The liquid will help foam the product. Apply the mixture to your face along the massage lines, making the product lather.
  9. If, when washing your face, it seems to you that the skin is not cleansing well enough, try using a simple composition instead of soap. Mix honey and vegetable oil in equal proportions with milk. Apply to moisturized skin in a circular motion and rinse off with warm water.

Protecting thin and vulnerable skin is easy. However, it takes effort and patience. Find the right mask recipe for sensitive skin and take care of yourself and your appearance. At the end of our topic, we invite you to watch a video that will open up new rules for facial care for you.