Houston Community College Students Can More Cost Effectively and Efficiently Earn a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Phoenix


For students enrolled in Houston Community College (HCC), as a way to earn credits at an affordable rate, a new opportunity is now available that will allow them to transfer many of their eligible credits to University of Phoenix. The move will allow HCC students to earn a bachelor’s degree in key fields with just over a year of additional study, accelerating their ability to obtain a degree and enter the workforce.

In August 2020, University of Phoenix and HCC announced a new 3 + 1 transfer program. This program makes it possible for HCC students to complete up to three years of study at the community college before transferring to University of Phoenix to complete their degree. The program allows students to spend their final year working toward a bachelor’s degree in one of three areas: a BS in Health Management, a BS in Nursing, or a BS in Management.

The Move Opens the Door for Early Entry Into the Workforce

By allowing students to transfer into University of Phoenix to complete just their final year of education, students can move more quickly into their careers. This is important for many reasons including accommodation for students eager to enter their careers in a cost-effective manner. Additionally, these particular fields are in short supply of well-trained professionals. The 3 + 1 transfer program allows students to get into those programs at a much faster rate, filling gaps quickly.

Zachary Schroeder, an HCC representative, stated in a press release, “Houston Community College’s agreement with University of Phoenix will provide students a smooth transition from an associate to a bachelor’s degree in high-demand fields looking for skilled talent.” He continued, “Both institutions have similar missions and a shared focus on preparing students to become career-ready for the current job market.”

In fact, University of Phoenix has an established history of providing students with the education and skills helpful in pursuing career opportunities. The university, which offers both on-campus and online education, is often focused on adult learners. Students at both Houston Community College and University of Phoenix are often seeking affordable education, access to career services, and flexible educational schedules. Both schools offer this.

The Details

Students of HCC will be able to transfer as many as 87 eligible credit hours towards their bachelor’s degree in one of the three programs. The transfer students only need to complete 33 remaining credits to graduate through University of Phoenix. This means that students may be able to complete their bachelor’s degree at the University in as few as 14 months.

University of Phoenix offers courses on a one-by-one basis with new classes starting every month and lasting about five weeks. HCC students will find ample flexibility in this 3 +1 transfer program, which provides new opportunities for accelerated learning in key fields.

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