How Do a Hairstylist Uninstall Hair Extensions?


One of the major reasons people believe hair extensions are not safe is because some clients uninstall them on their own. And some usually yank off parts that get stuck, and in the process pull off their hair. This leads to hair loss in the meantime and balding in the long run.

While some hair extensions are easy to uninstall and can be done at home, it’s always better to get help from experts in hair extensions so your natural strands will not be damaged in any way.

How to Uninstall Clip-in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the easiest to install and uninstall. Your hairstylist can instruct you on how to fix them when you need them and how to remove them.

If you employ a hairstylist’s services to uninstall your clip-in hair extension, there are several steps they’ll take to make sure your natural hair is preserved in very good condition.

Steps the Stylist Takes to Uninstall Clip-In Hair Extensions

#1: Untangle the hair: The first step is to make sure your hair is tangle-free

#2: Part the hair a little above and below the clip-in to reveal the hair extension clips

#3: Gently remove the clip-in hair extensions

#4: Detangle your hair and the clip-in extension with fingers, comb, or brush

#5: Dry the clip-in hair extension after which you’ll need to store it well for future use

How to Uninstall Glue-in Hair Extensions

Glue-in hair extensions can be uninstalled using oil to loosen the bond before carefully removing the wefts. It’s best to allow a hair extension stylist to remove your glued-in hair extension to avoid injuries, hair loss, or damage. It would be best if you always preferred the 100% virgin extensions from brands like Indique hair, a Hair factory that sells genuine virgin hair products that are of high quality and doesn’t get damaged easily.

Steps the Stylist Takes to Uninstall Glue-in Hair Extensions

#1: Pour a generous amount of almond oil, olive oil, or any baby oil on the hair and allow it to sit in for about 20 minutes.

#2: Gently remove the wefts one after the other

#3: Pour a good quantity of conditioner on the hair and allow it to sit for about 20 minutes so that the glue residue can be loosened.

#4: Rinse the hair

#5: Use heat or a harmless chemical to remove glue residue on the hair extension

How to Uninstall Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions are easier to uninstall than they are to install. This requires that you ask for help, preferably using a hairstylist’s services of all the hair extension types. Removing sewn extensions demands a very careful approach as the stylist needs to calmly trace and cut loose the thread holding down the wefts without damaging either the hair extension or the client’s natural strands.

Steps the Stylist Takes to Uninstall Sew-in Hair Extensions

#1: Separate the wefts line by line

#2: Find the thread and carefully cut it with a pair of scissors or razor blade

#3: Check for tangles and brush the hair extension

#4: Loose the braided natural hair and comb it properly

Clients can uninstall their hair extensions at home by themselves. But for best results and to avoid hair loss or damage, there’s a need to employ a hairstylist’s services. In this way, your natural strands and hair extensions will always stay in perfect condition. It might get more difficult to remove it at home if you had curly or wavy hair extensions because there’s more chance to get tangled. Always grab the best pure virgin hair extensions so that it lasts for a long time.