How do I ship a Boat Overseas?


Owning a boat is no less than a luxury. However, if you consider transporting a boat is the same as shipping a motorcycle or a car, it is quite different. Shipping a boat requires more professional help and guidance that ensures it is secure and safe. One of the most significant benefits of owning a boat is that you can travel to your dream destination overseas anytime you require it. You do need to have complete knowledge of shipping a boat overseas before you decide to opt for one.

If you are considering shipping a boat overseas, this blog will indeed prove extremely useful. Read below to know more:

Conducting a thorough Research

Firstly, you have to begin by conducting complete research about the process of shipping. There will be too many questions lurking in your mind regarding how will you transport your boat to the home port? What are the options you will choose, and how can you opt for the best? Carrying out complete research will surely help you from getting duped or in trouble during the transport. 

Choosing Freight Carriers

One of the foremost things many boat owners do is to have their yachts transported through freight. For doing so, you will have to book your slot and space aboard a carrier. Hiring freight carriers will assist in reserving transit, booking space, completing the necessary paperwork, and charging fees for the service. You can either opt for OTI or a licensed NVOCC (non-vessel operating common carrier) that is governed by stated rules and regulations laid down by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMO).

Find the Perfect Company for Freight.

The next step to take is searching for the perfect company that will carry out the freight services. You can do so by searching on the internet about different companies who provide the services. While there are plenty of shippers, only a few offer specialized yacht transportation and boat transport at reasonable rates. Moreover, check whether the company has the required equipment and experience that you know from customer reviews to choose the best boat transportation company

Opting for Yacht Broker

Another best option is to choose a yacht broker who can help you get the best shipping company. The broker provides assistance to take inquiries from buyers and find various carriers who meet the buyer’s requirement. As an owner, you have to pay a part of the money as commission for the yacht service to the broker in addition to the shipping fee.

Besides, the broker and the shipping company will help carry out the paperwork process for transporting the yacht.

Check for Insurance Cover.

When looking for a boat shipping company, you must foremost consider whether they offer insurance cover or not? The cover will ensure the investment covers all the fees incurred in the event of a mishap. Hiring a professional company who have their terms and conditions adequately listed will help you save from spending extra money on transport.

What is the reputation of the company?

Researching about the reputation of the company is another crucial aspect. A company with an excellent professional reputation and useful customer review proves they would provide reliable and excellent service in shipping your boat.

Shipping the Boat by yourself

Many boat owners often also opt to pilot their boat to the dream location with the view of gaining the opportunity to view new places. It does provide a good adventure trip and let you see newer places abroad. One of the advantages of shipping it yourself is it gives you the option of saving money and other brokerage costs.

Besides, shipping a boat can be quite a task, and if you do not hold professional expertise, it can be a tricky thing to do. Hiring a professional service to ship your boat has a lot of benefits. Firstly, you get the assistance of professionals who have an entire idea about freight and transport boats. Another advantage is the assistance of the workforce who can run your boat safely to the destination in an efficient way.

Moreover, it will also save your boat from incurring any damage during transport. Professional help will ensure the vessel is in proper condition, the engines are proper, and it is transported in a secured way to the destination.

Ship the Boat Securely

International travel includes a lot of paperwork as well as charges incurred on transport and freight. Shipping a boat internationally can be a task in itself; however, taking the best professional help will ensure you transport your boat safely to the destination and have the best travel experience.