cost to move across country

How Much Does It Cost to Move Across the Country?

Packers and Movers

You cannot find an easy answer to this question. When you are moving across the country, it is obvious that you are calculating and planning the move beforehand. And that is why you need to fix a budget for the move too. The budget will cover all the expenses during the moving including the equipment and the cost of the family moving. And that is why it is difficult to give a ballpark as every move is unique and comes with its own challenges.

Doing It Yourself or Hiring Raleigh Movers

The move can be done in two ways. You can do it yourself by just getting a moving truck. You can pack all your belongings and load yourself on the truck. You can ask your friends for help. Or you can hire the right team of licensed and insured Raleigh Movers. When you are considering the cost to move across country, you should know that the former option will be a cheap one. While the moving company like College Dudes Help U Move offers licensed and insured moving services, you will have to pay them more. However, if you are comparing both, then you need to know that the latter option is surely the best one. Why? In that way, you can experience and enjoy the move with your family where professionals take care of your belongings. They will be trained and equipped to make the packing, loading, moving and unloading easier for you.

So, when you are wondering what will be the moving company cost, you need to know that it depends on several factors. When you are hiring moving companies in Charlotte NC and Raleigh, the following factors will determine the cost of moving. Take a look at the following points to know more.

The Factors that Decide Cost of Moving

When you are moving cross country, some specific factors will determine the cost of the move. Most important, you need to consider the distance and the size of the move. Apart from that, there are several more factors. And in the following points, we are going to discuss this.

  • Moving Distance

Yes, you have opted for a long distance move. But how far is it? You need to know the distance in miles between the place you are starting from and the final destination where your belongings will be unloaded. Depending on the distance, the price will be determined.

  • Size of the Household

The size of the household will be another determining factor in the price of your move. How much stuff are you moving? The traditional movers will consider the price depending on the number of rooms for belongings or the weight of the goods that will be transported.

  • Driving

The truck driver will need to be paid. When you are hiring a moving company, they will calculate the cost of driving depending on the approximate hours. For a long distance move, the cost will be obviously higher. If the truck stops in between, the cost can increase.

  • Labor

When you are hiring movers in Raleigh, they will send a team of trained and equipped movers for doing the job. The cost of labor will be another determining factor when you are calculating the cost of the move. Whether they will be packing your belongings and loading them on the truck or not will determine the cost of labor. Also, if the furniture needs dismantling, then it will cost more as specific equipment will be needed for that.

  • Storage

In the case of long distance moves, storage is an important factor that you will have to keep in mind. If the place where you are moving in is not ready by when you arrive, you will need storage. While you and your family can stay at a hotel till you get possession of the house or apartment, your belongings will need a safe place. Full service moving company will offer storage option too. So, what are you waiting for? Find out the right company whom you can trust and get an approx quote from them. Remember, it can increase or decrease while you are actually moving.