How Sisal Flooring can Give a Wonderful and Effortless Transition to Your Home?


Sisal floor covering is highly durable and hard-wearing. Sisal fibres are much more resilient than any other kinds of natural fibres. The best part about sisal rugs is that these can come in coloured variations making them a highly versatile option for the home interiors.

Some Ideas to use Sisal Floor Covering

Sisal flooring imparts a unique charisma to the area where it is placed. The rug can blend with any of the interior styles of decoration; rather it enhances the look of the rooms giving it a clean design.

  • As sisal rugs are flat woven, these can be easily layered with other kinds of rugs. If you have spare rugs in your home, which you have never used due to wrong sizing or other reasons, use them with sisal flooring. Layer any kind of rug with sisal floor furnishing and notice how things can seem classic without any major expense. Moreover, you would be using something, which was resting, idly in the wardrobe.
  • If you want to add a touch of modern simplicity to a room in traditional style and having a wall painted in simple colours of white, beige or cream, sisal rugs can add a timeless elegance and natural beauty in a casual way.
  • You can use the monochrome options of sisal and an element of drama to a room with a calming backdrop. Sisal rugs are much like the traditional Oriental rugs and can dramatically change the look of the room having ornate pieces like chandelier or tapestry. However, sisal rugs do not have a heavier and serious appearance to a room like an oriental rug; rather the look is casual and soft.
  • Create an eclectic and modern look in the room with the sisal rugs in natural colours. Sisal carpets in blended coloured can be used to tie together a space having vintage styled upholstery furniture and traditional architecture.
  • In the case of larger rooms, where two or more rugs are required, the sisal flooring assists in mixing and matching and layer different looking weaves, colours, patterns and designs.
  • In dining rooms, the sisal rug can truly change the look of the place. Choosing the right shape and size, you would find these are not that difficult to maintain and clear. Little stains due to food can be easily taken care of. 
  • In bedrooms, sisal carpet giving wall-to-wall flooring is a great option and you would enjoy the barefoot walk in this place.
  • If your home has a wood floor, thesisal flooring would give such beautiful transition that one can only wonder about it! You have to see it to experience the charm.

Things to Keep in Mind

Sisal rugs are slightly sensitive to moisture. The only thing one requires being careful about is spills. The water should be quickly dried with blotting paper and the spot dried using a blow- dryer.

Overall, one can see how versatile the sisal floor rugs can be and there is every reason to install these at home for enhanced interiors.