How to choose the best roof system?


Did you know that making a home for yourself is difficult, but maintaining is a daunting task which is demanding at a whole new level?

Well, better late than never. And what is even better is that there are professional residential roofing contractors near you that you can check with, and engage to manage repairs and maintenance projects. Residential roofing projects require expert input and skill so that the end result is a long lasting roof that is aesthetically appealing and durable to last you a long time.

What exactly is a roof system?

A roof system is typically made up of the following components

  • Structure: Truss or rafters that support and hold the decking
  • Decking: to close the roof and make a surface for the nails to hold the upper layer
  • Covering: Shingles or brick-like elements placed on top of the decking.
  • Flashing: Metal or other material based sheets placed into the joints to avoid water seepage
  • Drainage:the entire mechanism in design that lets the water off the roof

What to look for in a roof system?

For any roof system you install, what you are looking for is durability and performance; a roof system is well selected if it meets some standards. Let’s discuss a few basic ones

Strength in Unfavorable Weather Conditions

Whether it is the traditional wooden roofs or the high class slate as an alternative material, what you need to check is if it would withstand the climatic condition in the area of your residence. In high temperatures for instance, wood is most inappropriate alternative as it may catch fire in a contingent situation. Similarly, if you live in a region that has fierce windstorms, residential metal roofing may not be the best option. Make a wise decision.

Resistance to Abrasions

This is an important factor to test your roofing material against, especially if you wish to stay rather away from frequent repair and maintenance jobs. Also, the lesser the scratches caused even by natural environmental conditions, longer aesthetic life of the same.

Reaction to Moisture

Excessive moisture is lethal for the durability of the roofing of your house and indeed detrimental to the safety of residents of such a house. Again, in large part this depends on how well the roof covering material can stand the test of weather conditions. While excess of moisture can ruin any roof type at all, some materials like wood or metal can be prone to greater damage.

Apart from the material type, however, you should also be ensuring that you have a proper drainage planned out so that in times of heavy rains, the water does not get to stay on the roof and possibly permeate to cause you trouble.

Ease of Adhesion

This one’s not to take some load off the contractor’s shoulders. Rather, a material which is lighter and of such texture that takes on the adhesive easily would ensure that the top layer of the covering as well as the deck itself lasts longer. In an alternative situation, be prepared for repeated rounds of residential roofing repairs required to maintain the beauty as well as utility of the roof over the walls of your house.

Fire Resistance

Absolutely necessary to ensure especially if you are living in high temperature areas or near thick forestation. Slate, stone or tiles might work better in such residential localities than wood roofs which are classy but prone to catching fires and also very expensive.

Anti-Fungal Properties

Residential re-roofing would become inevitable if the deck develops fungi or algae that could produce stink and bad bacteria in the house’s environment. Although this is directly linked with the way the material reacts to moisture, you also need to be wary of the fact that fungus can also possibly corrode the surface and make the roof unsafe to be lived under.

This is just a basic overview or guideline to finding the roof system that suits you best. Do remember though that hiring a reliable residential roofing contractor and setting up a regular maintenance routine can do wonders for you in having a long lasting roofing for your house. Don’t forget to contact Melo’s Construction if you are in search of a dependable contractor in Massachusetts.