How to Create a Basic Wardrobe


First you need to clearly understand that the so-called “basic wardrobe”depends on what style of clothing you prefer. Therefore, there cannot be a universal set of things. Until recently, it was believed that the most successful basis for any look would be a white blouse, dark skirt or trousers, combined with black pumps. But this is absolutely wrong, because such a base is at best suitable for a secretary’s working suit.

Therefore, each person has their own basic things. Their choice is influenced by many factors:

  • Lifestyle;
  • age;
  • profession;
  • the size;
  • body type;
  • appearance.

Your style should be visible in the set, otherwise the base will be boring and impersonal.

What Should Be The Basic Wardrobe of a Modern Woman (Girl)

Another important point is that the wardrobe needs to be replenished and changed in favor of fashion trends. All models sooner or later lose their appearance or go out of fashion. The base should be modern, rich in colors and shades.

Please note that the shirt may vary. This does not mean that everyone needs to have this element in a strict style. It is suitable only for classic suits, but for a teenager, a free edition is suitable, perhaps in military style.

Shoes should be not only comfortable, but also suitable for most sets. Each pair should interchange each other. The basic rule of your wardrobe is several top options for one bottom. As a result, you will have not two suits, but five or six.

  1. T-shirt . Here you need a regular one with a straight cut, it should lie on the figure, but not tight. Then it will be possible to wear it with a suit and with ordinary trousers. An alternative is a sleeveless top. The neckline may have some kind of accent, such as rhinestones.
  2. Jeans. The most important thing here is the quality of the jeans and the fit. When choosing a model, look at the composition of the fabric, the less elastane, the more pleasant the material will be. Trousers should support the figure and emphasize her dignity. Today, a high rise and a cropped leg are in fashion. The model is straight or flared to the bottom. The color can be not only dark blue, but blue, and even graphite and gray tones.
  3. Blazer. Several of the most common styles are considered. This is a blazer, a double-breasted classic. Its peculiarity is its fittings. The main color should be very deep, and the buttons should have a metallic sheen and pattern, such as an anchor or coat of arms. The second type is a jacket that has a loose fit and is suitable for walking, going out to the store and taking children to school. Fabrics and colors are very different: corduroy, patterns or prints.
  4. Jean jacket. This season, shizahassan saree the current models for women are classics of medium length, bombers, oversized or boyfriends. For girls, modern styles can have prints on the back, drawings or sequins. The knitted hood will be an original addition.
  1. Skirt. The pencil is the most classic choice. But don’t get hung up on black. Take an unexpected cut or smell, original texture. Asymmetry will look good. The model may have a smell instead of a cut. The flying style of the “sun-flared” type has long been not only flying. The material should be light and flowing. Plisse is still in vogue.
  2. Turtleneck. There are several styles: winter and summer. The first one has a dense structure, for example, a classic elastic band or a hem. The second is most often smooth jersey. Any color scheme can be used. For a work suit, it is white, beige, coffee, as well as any unsaturated: blue, turquoise. Bright colors are perfect for a party or special occasion.
  3. Dress. In the season it is worth referring to the tuxedo model. It is suitable for those who are tired of trouser suits. The shirt style can be used at any time of the year and in any setting. The safari is also worth noting. The cocktail never goes out of style. It adds fashion trends, but always remains a constant part of the base.
  4. Pantsuit. Don’t get hung up on dark shades and don’t be afraid to experiment. The main thing is that it emphasizes all the advantages of your figure and matches the event where you are going. Don’t be afraid of light colors. You can choose the right style for any person.
  5. Coat. And it is better to several at once. Oversized, trench coat and crombie that are in demand this season. In a cool fall or spring, this is a versatile solution. It can be without buttons and collar, of various cuts and lengths. Prints, light colors are relevant, even a cardigan can be equated with a summer coat.
  6. Boats. The hairpin is universal for almost any costume. They make the legs longer. The shape and height of the heel may vary.
  7. Boots. Better to have multiple options. The first one has a stable heel, and the second one is sewn like a man’s. Flat shoes are now worn under different sets of clothes, of any length.
  8. Sneakers. The difference in models allows them to be worn not only with sportswear. These are great walking shoes.