How to Live in a Hotel


As we all know, we have to travel to the country or outside the country; during that travel, we have to stay in a hotel. Sometimes, we travel with our family on our family trip or sometimes travel with our soulmates on the honeymoon. Some people go for business tours, and they also select prestigious hotels to stay in.

Living in a hotel is an exciting thing for many travelers, especially for people traveling for the first time. 

During your stay in a hotel, you learn how to live in a hotel while staying longer or shorter. But here. our main focus is towards shorter stays at hotels. I hope my tips will help you a lot with how to live in a hotel? 

There are many advantages of staying in a hotel because when you book a room in a hotel, there are almost all things such as furniture, a good washroom, and customer service who will always entertain you with all you need, such as food or anything else. Keep this thing in mind that there are hotels that also offer a mini kitchen to cook food of your liking. 

It’s a wish for everyone to stay in a five-star hotel where you will be entertained with every facility. You will enjoy the lovely and delicious food of your choice as well as other things such as a pool, spa, fitness center, music, and much more. If you are that guy who can afford to live in a 5-star hotel, then you must go there and enjoy your trip. 

Laundry Room

There is a laundry room in a good hotel where you can wash your clothes. It is for those travelers who are staying for a week for more than a week. But if you have to wash your clothes, you can use the laundry room anytime. So if you want to take fewer clothes with you, you can watch it more often by using the laundry room present at the hotel. It will only cost you about $1 to $2 and sometimes free in different hotels. 

Bring Some Food with You.

During traveling, there comes a time when dinner or lunch is delayed or stuck in traffic. So if you take some food with you, then you will no longer remain hungry. These may be some kinds of biscuits, snacks, or juice. It is necessary that you have a water bottle with you, so you stay hydrated. 

Make a List of Things That You Have Bought.

If you make a list what you have bought, it shows that you are an organized person, and if you are doing it during travels, it is one of the awesome things. Making a list of things will make it easier to pack things. You can make a list on your phone or tablet or do it on a paper. It will be good for you if you are traveling for a longer period or going on a business tour. 

Keep Soap and Toilet Paper Out in the Last Week.

Although this thing is for long-term hotel dwellers where you should keep a roll of toilet paper and soap out because when everything is packed, then you cannot take it out. From my point of view, this thing also works for people who are on short tours. 

Make a Small Bag or Suitcase of your Necessary Items. 

Although in hotels, necessary items are always present, you should take all the required things with you. You can make a small bag or suitcase where you can put all those things. These things are yours aftershave, a small towel, perfume, body spray, soap, shampoo, face wash, lip balm, waist, underwear, toothbrush, moisturizer, etc. 

If you are a lady, then you can also go for other things related to you. A small pouch of basic makeup for the girls and ladies is necessary to look attractive and vibrant. You have all the things in small quantities such as if we talk about shampoo, then it should be a hundred ml and not more than that. The soap should also be small in size as you are taking it for less period. 

Collecting Mail and Getting Packages

It is necessary to give your name at the front desk because you can receive the emergency credit card replacements and other packages at the hotel by doing this. This thing works very well if you are staying for two weeks or more. 

Do Not Use the Drawers of the Room.

Although you may hang the clothes in the closet but do not put small things in the hotel room, when you pack all the things, you will ultimately forget and lose a lot more things. It is for those people who are very careless about things and forget usually. Still, if you want to put the things, you can put all your things on the dressing table rather than put it in the drawer. 

Do Not Leave Anything Plugged In.

When you stay in the hotel room, you should not leave anything plugged in, such as your phone or tablet. When the phone’s charging is completed, you should take out all the plugs and charges as there is a chance of losing these things. Sometimes, they camouflage, and sometimes you forget to take out of the socket. 

Top 10 Seafront Hotels in Blackpool 2020

If you want to save money while staying in the hotel room, then you can visit seafront hotels in the Blackpool. The main specialty of these hotels is that when you wake up, you can enjoy the great view of the sea as well as many relaxing opportunities. All the hotels here give you the fantastic seafront views and all the facilities you want while staying in the hotel. 

How might I live in a hotel without paying a single penny? 

Yes, you can live in a hotel for free in different ways such as:

  • You are boosting your social media presence wherein exchanging the hotel’s recognition on your social media account; you will get the free stay as a guest. 
  • Joining the travel agency 
  • Making an eye on the hotel promotions where you can get a free night stay
  • Joining an airline’s frequent flyer program 
  • Making use of the best rates offered by the hotel
  • Getting a hotel-branded credit card 
  • Joining our hotel loyalty program 

Is it genuine that you are seen as desperate if you live in a hotel? 

If you live in a hotel, then it does not mean that you are homeless. Although you have your own home, there comes a time when we have to stay in the hotel, especially when we are traveling in another city or country. 

Whether you are going on a family trip for a honeymoon, staying in a hotel is really a memorable thing you ever had. However, staying in a hotel is expensive, but it depends on your standard, whether you are going for a costly hotel or an affordable one. It’s up to you how you can deduct the expenses during your journey or travel. 

How long will a hotel let you stay? 

There is no limit to staying in a hotel for a longer period. However, there are laws about the stay in a hotel for over 30 days in many countries. The reason is that the hotel management has to get a special license for the customers who want more than 30 days stay. Fortunately, if you get the license, you can stay at a particular hotel for an unlimited period. 

Final Words

Staying in a hotel during traveling is one of the most lovable things, and every one of us wants to make it enjoyable. To keep yourself away from the stress while you travel, you must find a great hotel that will take up all your worries. However, you have to remain updated by keeping in touch with the websites of different hotels available online. You can also catch them on your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, where you will get updates on a daily basis. These things will make your trip more enjoyable when you can also avail of different offers as well as a free stay.