How to locate the WPS pin on your HP printer?


The WPS pin is something which is used as a means of connecting your device to the HP printer and making sure a good connection is established with the help of it. This is something which highly aids you in your printing method, and also contributes to making it a safer and secure method of connecting the two devices. It is a simple and effective process of connecting it, and making sure you get an overall good printing experience with the help of this.

Exactly what is the WPS pin on your HP printer?

The WPS pin is something which is an eight digit pin given to you along with your device. This is a code which is separate for every device and individual to it. You will usually get your own WPS pin when you are trying to connect the WPS setup method on your specific device itself as well.

Usually it is present on the router as well as on the printer itself. One can access it from here with the help of simply overturning it and checking for the code given under there. It is simple to remember and access, and is individual and different for each device there is.

Where to find WPS pin HP printer

  1. The steps to locate the WPS pin on your HP printer are simple and have been given in an easy manner for you to access below.
  2. The first thing which you have to do here is make sure that you first go to the wireless option which is present on your device.
  3. Remember however that before any of this is done, you have your printer connected, setup in a proper way and that you also have a good Wi-Fi connection to help you through the whole thing.
  4. Now once you have clicked on the wireless option of your device, you will have a list of devices which show up on your screen.
  5. Out of the multiple options given there, make sure that you only pick the HP printer which you have to connect with. Remember that if you connect with any other devices , the printing will get hampered and you will also have printer not responding to any commands because the connection has been damaged through the court of it.
  6. If you have to draw up a connection using the wps method, then out of the options which come up on the panel of the printing device, make sure you choose the WPS method given out of all of them.
  7. When the dialog box shows up on the screen, you have to type out the digit code which you had been asked to note down at the beginning of this article. Make sure to not make mistakes when typing this out, or it could lead to further errors through the whole process.
  8. Once you type in the code, then the printer connection will be able to be established. This will also show up on the screen with the help of the network connection being established. Make sure you test check a few times, though.
  9. Make sure that if any problems arise in the course of doing this, you can go to the 123.hp website as well to check for detailed instructions into what are the possible steps you could take to prevent any errors which might arise here.
  10. Another thing you can do to avoid errors is ensure the connection is secure, your device should be able to have a working internet connect as well as be connection to the correct printer at the time.
  11. Cross check for all of these pointers in case the problem increases, and also make sure that the printer has been manually put on an online mode and not offline. Also check the printer settings to make sure that the default settings etc. on the device have been followed.
  12. Prevent making any severe changes, or even conduct a few test prints to check once again whether or not your device is working in a proper manner.
  13. Implement any changes you make and also try to reboot before you use your device again.