Kybella: Who Should Go for It And Who Should Not?


Kybella is the perfect solution for people who want to get rid of their double chin. This is more often a decision that is taken as a result of the personal embarrassment it brings in terms of looks. Kybella melts away the excess fat in your chin (double chin) without the need to undergo surgical treatment.

If you are looking for a renowned center for Kybella in Charlotte, NC, or in Cornelius, Charlotte, Huntersville, there are indeed many which offer efficient noninvasive treatment while assuring almost no pain at all. They can even administer a numbing agent with your permission. Well, before deciding to go for Kybella, it always helps to know who should go for this treatment and who shouldn’t.

While deoxycholic acid, the fluid that is injected to absorb the fat as well as the fat cells under your chin, is harmless, there are some health conditions which may not suit this treatment for some people.

Who Should Go for Kybella?

  • People in Good Shape

If you are in good shape physically and maintain a healthy diet with regular exercise, and double chin just doesn’t leave your side, Kybella is your perfect answer. Here, your health itself is the insurance for a positive result for your Kybella Double Chin Treatment, be it in Mooresville, Statesville, Davidson, or other places in North Carolina with oral and facial surgery centers. 

  • People Who do not Prefer Invasive Surgery

As mentioned earlier Kybella is a non-invasive treatment. Some people find this as the best reason to opt for Kybella as it takes away the risks of inflammation and other issues that come with invasive surgeries. Such issues can take a lot of time to subside. Thus, although Kybella may take more than one sitting, the outcome is much safer and long-lasting.

  • People Who Are Ready to Commit

The Kybella treatment may need upto 6 sittings for the results to show. So, you need to make up your mind that the best results will reflect not at the first sitting but with multiple sittings. This calls for commitment on your part. If are planning for other big changes in your life, like a move or a marriage, you might want to reconsider the decision for your Kybella in Charlotte, NC, for the time being.

Who Should Not Go for Kybella?

  • People Whose Double Chin is Not the Due to Fat

While many people have a double chin due to fat, not everyone has the same reason for their double chin. With age, the muscles and skin of the neck lose their elasticity and sag down, resulting in what looks like a double chin. Sooner or later, it happens to all. Also, people who have weak cheekbones may have a double chin appearance. Such people will not gain anything from Kybella is it works on fat only.

  • Women who are Pregnant or Become Pregnant

The reason for this is, not much research has yet been carried out on the effects of Kybella (or deoxycholic acid) on pregnancy. Hence, it is better to not undergo this treatment. Since a Kybella may require you to commit up to 6 months for it, being pregnant may cause issues. So, better to go for it later. For your search for oral and facial surgery near me, many renowned oral and facial surgery centers in Charlotte, Kenansville, Concord,  that assess your medical history as well as face to face consultations before deciding whether it is the right time for you to undergo the treatment.

  • People with Throat or Neck Issues

If you have had neck surgery, or a face-lift or liposuction, you should not go for Kybella. If you have any infection in the area, you need to wait for it to subside. Difficulty in swallowing is another reason to not go for it. If you have even an inch of doubt about whether any pre-existing condition can cause complications for Kybella, consult an oral surgeon for effective suggestions.

Kybella is the most minimally invasive FDA-approved treatment (inject able) that can help you get rid of your chin fat. Thousands of people have opted for it with promising results. So if you too want to get rid of yours or want to know more about it, contact a famous oral and facial surgery center offering Kybella Charlotte, NC today.