Lockdown Affect: Sportspersons Deficient of Vitamin D, Performance Might Suffer


For the longest time none of us have gone out. People are advised to stay in their homes to remain safe at the onset of the global pandemic. But have you thought about staying in the home, day and night, can make anyone ill? Yes, the truth is, before the pandemic many officer goers were found deficient of Vitamin D because they spent morning to evening in their cubicles and got the least exposure of sunlight. 

Probably, the same is happening with our athletes and cricketers. They aren’t getting enough sunlight to keep their muscles and bones healthy.

How bad is not getting enough sunlight for your body? 

Lockdown was harsh for everyone. It kept India’s top track and field athletes away from the necessary sunlight. So, the lack of sunlight has resulted in low Vitamin D levels in the players. This has reduced the pace of muscle injury recovery and deteriorated bone density, which can result in easy stress fractures or any muscle-related injury.

How much time do athletes need to regain their fitness?

Athletes including the country’s top cricketers have already spoken about getting rid of the rust on their body and play their normal game. We can see many cricketers in the IPL struggling to get into the game and show their ability. They need time to reclaim muscle memory to play a stroke and build a tolerance. 

It was tough for them to getting used to training regimens after lockdown-enforced breaks. However, changes in nutrition levels can make a lot of difference and help the player to stay fit.

What did the Director of Athletics Federation of India say?

Athletics Federation of India Director Volker Herrmann talked about the deficiency of Vitamin D in most of the national level players in Punjab as suggested by the blood tests done in June.   

The athletes were certified for the Tokyo Olympics and their training camps were based in Bangalore, Karnataka and Patiala, Punjab since the beginning of the lockdown in March. 

Herrmann said the only possible explanation to the result of the blood test, where most of the players were found deficient in Vitamin D, is the lockdown as most of them stayed in their respective rooms and not went outside.

How athletes got their pace back?

As reported, the Athletics Federation of India took adequate measures to get their athletes back on track. Soon after the lockdown was eased in the country, they started the training of the sportspersons in batches—one in the morning and another in the evening. The training begins early morning and in the evening, it’s late afternoon.

Sportspersons got the right amount of sunlight that was healthy for their body and won’t put them into any risk of heatstroke as the temperature in Patiala goes upto 45-degree Celsius.