Mobile Notary Services: An Essential Tool to Delineate Your Notary Related Hassles


Notarized documents are everyone’s necessity. You never know when you have to go for a notarized document in your daily use. If you go to a notary you will realize how hectic and difficult the process is. First of all, you will have to find a notary nearby, then you will have to fix a date and time with the concerned person. This whole process takes a lot of time and if you have many documents to notarize, the notary will take ages to accomplish the complete task.

Most of the time, you do not have that much patience due to many reasons.  Notarized documents are often the last thing between a mortgages for the home of your dreams, establishing power of attorney for a family member, or a travel consent form for your little one.

By considering these things, a new type of service has been introduced into the world of Notary which is Mobile Notary Services. Now, you might ask what a mobile notary is, what a mobile notary form is, or how do mobile notaries ease the headache of getting documents notarized. Here, we will try to answer all your queries regarding mobile notaries and try to decrease the hassle of notary related works.

What is a mobile notary?

A mobile notary is a notary personnel who travels through a certain jurisdiction and provides notary related services at your doorsteps. Generally, a mobile notary goes to more or less eight to ten places per day according to the requests and complete works such as notarizing one document with some signatures or finalizing paperwork related to a loan and so on.

What are the charges of a mobile notary?

A mobile notary may charge the regular fee that notaries may charge in their state plus a travel fee. There are no legal regulations regarding travel fees in most states. In California, many mobile notaries charge $30 for travel plus $10 per signature for example. Sometimes they charge extra for excessive waiting time. Sometimes they give clients a price break if the number of signatures is large. Some notaries only do local calls within several miles of their place of business or residence. Others often travel more than 50 miles on average jobs. It depends on what kind of clients a particular company works for. KM’s Mobile Notary Service takes care of all your notary related requirements. Reasonable pricing and quick solutions are the major reasons why you should opt for KM’s Mobile Notary Service for all your Notary needs.

What are the duties of a mobile notary?

The biggest responsibility of a mobile notary is to learn and sign all the forms which are required to be notarized. People like us do not know the legal and official procedures or about the paperwork related to loans or other legal issues. Hence proper knowledge of a notary in this regard is a must. Once the signing is complete, the notary must make sure the loan package gets overnighted to the designated address, or in some cases, the notary is responsible for hand delivering the package to the lender or Title Company.

What is a mobile notary form?

You need to apply for a mobile notary as a notary attains multiple cases each day. Each form or ticket will enable you to gain a particular slot in between which the notary will come to your place and complete the destined work. KM’s Mobile Notary Service operates with a simple application form and limits the complexity of getting a notary at your doorstep.

Mobile notaries are a new invention of recent times and it has become immensely popular throughout the United States. Although the government has created a standard fee for mobile notaries across the country, it varies to some extent from state to state.

There are agencies which take more than the prescribed money and hence you need to stay away from these kinds of agencies. Always survey the market before finalizing the mobile notary as you should not give more money under any circumstances. The State of California follows a strict fee-chart and you should pay the mobile notary according to the chart and never fail to fill and send the notary form to the respective agency of your liking.