Never Believe In Injury Myths As Explained By Expert Physio


Injury is one experience that everyone has experiencedat least once in their lives. People of all ages including children, old people, adults, and even trained athletes have experienced pain as the result of injury. These people should visit Expert Physio to get themselves treated.

Expert Physio Warns About Injury Myths

Getting an injury is very normal because the reasons for it are different in all age groups. This is the reason that people spread misconceptions about injuries.Only the people who are well-aware of the injuries can know the difference between myths and reality.

Bear Pain To Get Relief

If the person is feeling severe pain when exercising then this means that he/ she will become closer to the goal-striving to achieve. Also if during the treatment of an injury the patient feels pain then the therapist has to stop.

Don’t Worry About Pain In Other Parts Of The Body

The various systems in the body are related to each other. So if you are feeling pain in two parts of the body; meaning one in the area where the injury occurred but the other is somewhere else. Ignoring the second area can be dangerous; as these areas could be associated.

Keeping Affected Part Absolutely Still

If someone has suggested keeping the injured part of the body absolutely still then never make this mistake. As therapists at a chronic pain clinic in Edmonton advise keeping the part moving. This is why people increase the intensity of their injury.

Hot Or Cold Packs Can Treat Pains

The cold or hot packs are just a form of relief for the initial pain and swelling. This is not a proper treatment. When you visit a physiotherapy clinic like Regenerate Shockwave Therapy these packs are applied and when the swelling reduces the proper treatment starts.

Pain Only In Injured Area

This is not a confirmed rule that you will feel pain only in the area where injury has occurred. The injury in the arm can also affect the spinal cord. The reason given is that the nerves go through the spinal cord.

Sportsmen Are Immune To Spinal Injury

This is the most outrageous myth about sportsmen because people think of them as someone invulnerable to having injured. But they are the ones who are most exposed to situations where they can get injuries.

It Is Alright To Delay A Treatment

No not at all it is right to delay any kind of treatment; especially if it is injury-related. The maximum delay in the treatment will increase the severity of the injury and it will take longer for the treatment.

Pain Felt In Affected Body Part

If the injury you had was in the elbow and you are feeling pain in the whole arm; then it is not unusual. Pain in the adjacentpart of the affected area is very normal.

All Injuries Lead To Paralysis

This is the biggest myth that people have spread. According to these people, even minor injuries always lead to paralysis. But in reality, severe injury to the spine results in paralysis, and sometimes that is also not the case.

Surgery Is The Only Solution

Surgery is not the only solution for injuries. Many kinds of injuries can be easily healed with the help of various kinds of physiotherapies.

Healthy People Can’t Have Injuries

According to Expert Physio, everyone has suffered some kind of injury during their lifetime; even healthy people.

The best way to know about the truth behind these myths is to consult physiotherapists at least once. To make sure that you are making the right decision.