Pay Attention to These 5 signals for Disastrous Tie Boxes


Have you recently found some amazing brands that are doing really good ties? Or are you wondering how a brand with an obvious average product is doing well in the industry where your obviously amazing product is suffering? The chances are that there is something that that specific brand is doing right even with a not so good product. Something that your amazing product can’t do. Tie Boxes design is an important factor in the success and failure of a luxury tie brand, the sooner you realize the worth and importance of creative and innovative packaging, the better.

Value of Packaging

There are many tie brands out there. In a jungle of brands and only a handful of people looking for a niche product, it may get a little tough to win hearts. Tough is not impossible to achieve! Your Tie boxes can take your brand to places you never thought of, that is the power of powerful packaging. Think of your packaging as something as important as the product itself and you will be able to come up with exactly what your product has been lacking all along. Maintain the vision and values of your brand and make sure that they are visible in the packaging that you are designing.

The 5 Signals Something is Wrong with your Tie Packaging

You thought you designed an absolutely winning packaging for your ties, yet you see that your ties are not performing that well, the chances are that there has been a major error in the packaging that you did not realize earlier. Below are the 5 signs you should not be witnessing in your tie business, because if you are, that is alarming!

ONE: No Online Reach – Poor Response Rate on Social Media

Necktie boxes used pretty much everywhere on your social media, in the product photography because you saw that the product performed well for other brands that used the packaging as a prop. But soon enough, you realized that the images of the product are not performing that well, and they are not as engaging as you expected. That is one sign that you should not be seeing on your brand’s social media. The sign indicates that either your photography was not that great or your packaging is really not what you hoped you created. Because in most cases, if your product is good, poor photography does not do much harm, but when the product packaging is not that great, it becomes evident in your social media reach.

TWO: No Organic Endorsements or Brand Tagging

This is the time of Instagram and social media. If someone likes something that they bought, they immediately want to take some aesthetically pleasing photos, tag the brand in the picture and endorse the brand by sharing the photo online. If you have not come to the point where someone would do that for your brand, it has a very high chance that your tie or bow tie boxes are not appealing enough that one would want to take shots and share it online. That is one harsh truth which the sooner you realize the better.

THREE: Increase in Damaged Inventory – Increase in Returns

If you are receiving your stuff back, and if you are experiencing more damaged goods than earlier, a very possible reason for that could be unsafe packaging. Indeed a very alarming situation for any apparel brand especially with a niche and luxury product. Tie gift boxes are far sturdier and stronger than we may think. A good way of getting multiple benefits from a packaging is to create a gift like packaging that not only serves as a very good and stylish packaging for your ties but also makes them an excellent gift on the go when nothing else comes to the ‘gift giver’s’ mind. Gift packaging benefits the brand in many ways.

FOUR: Hype Died Down – Product Not as Famous Anymore

It is normal for any new brand to be famous at once and then the hype slope goes downwards after a bit. But the business continues as usual. But what is alarming is the hype going down so bad that it leaves a deep and bad impact on your business. If your product doesn’t seem to be that famous anymore and you feel that it is affecting your brand’s identity, tie boxes not being cool enough could be one of the main reasons. Why your product is no longer a go-to gift on birthdays and anniversaries. This is alarming and you immediately need to call in your designers and amp up the design game to show the competitors who is the boss.

FIVE: No Increase in New Customers

Having the same customers for years is an amazing thing, but what’s not nice is not having any new following and just the repeat customers. Your regulars are the ones that are wearing a tie every day, but the ones who are occasionally buying them as gifts, they should increase in number, especially in the holidays and festive season.

Quick Fixes – How to Save Your Tie Brand From an Immediate Damage

If 3 out of the above 5 are witnessed by you in your tie boxes, you can still fix the situation and take the control in your hands by the following measures:

  • Redesign the entire packaging
  • Have assorted packaging for different types of ties, perhaps a different packaging for ties with polka dots, different for plains, different for paisleys and so on.
  • Make packaging out of material that looks royale and premium. Tie is perhaps one of the very few fashion merchandise that does not fit in economic class, it has to be premium.
  • Make your packaging after a survey, your survey should be done by a professional who knows the pain-points and also has done similar research about tie boxes before.
  • Re-doing does not mean you need to spend double this time, spend wisely and smartly.