Problems with Tp Link Repeaters and How to Fix Them


If you have recently bought a tplink repeater or if you have used them for a while and encountered problems with them then you have come to the right place as I have used tp link repeaters and can point you how to fix them. Before we get started the problems that are going to be mentioned are fairly common with a few exceptions and these issues have a really easy and simple solution. So if you are one of those people who have problems with the router then you will hopefully find the solution here. If your tplink repeater is not working then either by something you did or just by itself if it stopped working then there are a few things you can try to find a solution. First make sure that there is current in the power socket and if it is there then make sure that your repeater didn’t fall down or has any broken parts, and if both of those things check out then make sure that it turns on and if it does then do a factory reset, the steps to do a factory reset are mentioned below, if it doesn’t turn on then there maybe  physical damage to it in which case buy a new one or have it replaced if it is covered in your warranty.

Procedure to Reset Tp Link Repeater

In order to reset the tp link repeater there are two ways. First one is to press and hold the reset button at the back of the repeater for about 5 seconds till the LEDs start blinking rapidly then wait for a minute till the device gets resetted, but if you find that there is no reset button and only a tiny hole with the word reset written on it then press that tiny button in the hole using a blunt object like a needle or a bobby pin for about 1 second till the LEDs start flashing then wait for 1 minute till the device finishes resetting. The second way is only found on a few models of the tp link repeaters and to reset it using this way you need to login to the default page using the login credentials then select the Systems tab and click on factory reset and click confirm on the prompt and wait for about 1 minute till the device finishes resetting. This is the procedure to do a factory reset.

Common Issues for Tp Link Repeaters Login Page to Not Work

There are a few common issues why login doesn’t work and before we address them let’s understand them a bit. is the domain name used to get to the login procedure and introduce a tp link repeater. This can also be used instead of the default gateway. Some of the common reasons why it doesn’t work are spelling errors and improper connection. These mistakes will redirect you to other websites of servers and may not load the page correctly. But if these aren’t the reason why you are unable to access the domain then make sure that you have configured the repeater correctly in the above steps and if you have configured it correctly and the problem still persists then try rebooting the repeater and connect to it using your personal computer and try as sometimes the browser in your smartphone creates issues, so if required clear your history and cookies then try again. This issue can also be caused if you have entered the wrong information too many times in that case you can either wait for the stipulated time or if you can’t wait to reset the repeater. Also make sure that you have installed the latest firmware, and if you haven’t then install firmware upgrade by searching the model number online. To install the firmware download the firmware file and login to the default page using the login credentials and select the Systems tab and click on update then select the required file for the device to update, after that wait for the process to finish then reboot the device. This will solve the issues.