Repairing Tips for Cracked iPhone Screen

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So, you’ve dropped your iPhone that shattered the screen? This will sound like a mini heart-attack to many but iPhone cracked screens are not uncommon and the only solution to it is to replace the screen with a new one.

Now, the interesting thing is that Apple doesn’t manufacture its own spare parts. Apple stores get their spare parts from Apple suppliers who are called OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). The cost of Apple spare parts is significantly high due to this same reason. If you are looking for a spare the only source is the OEM. In this context, the service center that buys wholesale Apple parts is likely to offer you fewer costs for the repair. Buying Apple parts at wholesale rates will allow them to do so.

But are there any other options? Of course, there are and here we will discuss them.

Estimate the Extent of Damage

First, estimate the extent to which the screen is damaged. Because this will be the first question of every service center. Is the damage substantial? Is the screen so heavily shattered that you just see a web of cracks and a black screen? Or is it just a single hairline crack?

Decide which Type of Screen You Want

There is a wide range of screen types available when it comes to spare screen and you need to now decide which one you want.

Low Priced Aftermarket Display

These are the cheapest solutions for screen replacement and can be found at all shops. However, with this type of screen, you’ll have to compromise with the quality. Quality factors like the color scheme, pixel ratio, and brightness of aftermarket screens are not even close to the original display.

They also mess with the 3D touch experience and the touch is not as smooth. The duplicate connectors is still another fact of concern as these may damage other board components of the iPhone.

OEM Pulls

OEM screens are far better in quality than aftermarket display screens. They have enhanced brightness, better color scheme, better contrast, and a vibrant pixel ratio. But again it would be no match for the original display because of the duplicate connectors.

The touch will be not as smooth, the navigation will not be easy, in short, a great experience like an iPhone will still be compromised with OEM pulls as well. Sensor issues can also be a problem in the latest iPhone models.

OEM Refurbished Part

The refurbished section ensures that the screen experience is smooth and every quality aspect of an original screen is maintained. The restored phone will look and feel just like the original. The color scheme is advanced, and the screen has a pixel ratio of 100 % accuracy with refurbishing.

In short, refurbishing or renovating your iPhone screen will make the phone as good as the original.

Find a Trusted iPhone Repair Shop

The final step is to locate a reliable iPhone repair shop and avail their services. While selecting a repair shop make sure that they guide you through the repairing process and help you decide the correct option. You already know what your options are. Just make sure that the repair shop too guides you through it.

Additionally, ask where they are buying the spare parts from. If they are buying wholesale Apple parts, there’s a good chance that you will save on your expenses.