Seeking Help Through Methadone Treatment


Opioid use,addiction has taken a toll on the lives of millions. It’s no longer a debatable situation- it’s a fact addiction is killing people. However, quitting isn’t an easy process and the detox from opiates can be excruciatingly painful on the mind and body.

Many people have been turning to methadone treatments to help make their recovery process a little easier. Methadone, while still considered an opioid, will help you eliminate the symptoms from withdraw and cravings without giving the high that other opioids produce.

Methadone, regardless of what some may think, isn’t this crazy drug that addicts seek out when they run out of money to get high. It’s more of a treatment that helps them through detox.

Methadone decreases withdraw symptoms for individuals seeking recovery. It’s a process that will be a daily routine for with seeking treatment, but it’s undoubtedly worth the fight for your life.

Methadone Treatment and Detox

Detoxing from an opioid addiction can be the most painful experience of your life, but with methadone treatment, it makes the entire process less debilitating. Methadone will ease the symptoms as the opioids are leaving your body becausetraditional detoxing isn’t always ideal. Mostly because a lot of people honestly can’t handle the process. But who can blame them? It’s a long and painful experience that no one should feel ashamed of when having to turn to methadone treatments.

Methadone has helped increase the rate of which individuals get clean. Whether or not they stay clean after treatment will entirely depend on the individual. However, not everyone will and that is one of the main reasons why counseling and group therapy is an important aspect of recovery. No matter if you have received methadone treatment or not, traditional and group therapy is essential for recovery.

Understanding the Risk Factors and Benefits

As with any drug or substance that you put into your body, there will always be risk factors, but the question is, do the benefits outweigh the risks?

While methadone can be a saving grace and help with withdrawal symptoms there are some potentially harmful risks with taking it. Methadone clinics are there so that you don’t put yourself in any harm by potentially overdosing if you tried taking the medication without supervision.

This is why methadone clinics make you go through inpatient therapy or go to the clinic daily to receive the proper dosage. Although it may seem like a scary process, it really can help save your life from addiction and possible overdose from drug use. Methadone clinics are not there to judge you, but they are there to help you receive the proper care you need while you are recovering through a difficult change.

Finding the Right Help Through Your State

Once you make the decision to use methadone treatment as a part of your recovery plan, it’s time to find a clinic that suits your needs. Although there are inpatient facilities that are ideal for some people, the fact is that not everyone wants to be admitted to an inpatient facility.

People have lives, jobs, and families that need to be taken care of and Methadone clinics provide them with facilities that have flexible hours. With the high demand for methadone clinics, there was an increase in almost 300 new facilities between the years 2014 and 2018 alone. Individuals can visit these clinics daily to receive their methadone medication and be on their way.

Finding the right methadone clinic in your area that will work with your needs and dispense the proper dosage for you is an essential part of this entire process.

Your Saving Grace

Opioid addiction is a world epidemic and recovering isn’t going to be easy. More and more people are realizing the great effects of what proper methadone use can do for addicts in recovery.

Although methadone will help curb the cravings and help lessen the pain from withdraws, it’s not a one-time-fix-all treatment. Many people need to stay on methadone for 12 months or longer. No matter how long you have been addicted to a drug, the proper use of methadone can truly become your saving grace, especially for those that had a hard time with recovery and detox in the past.

Methadone alone is not going to be enough for recovery. Group counseling and individual therapy is an essential addition to methadone treatment and one should continue with regular groups long after completing methadone treatment.

Together, methadone and groups have been proven to be more effective during recovery than if you were to just use methadone by itself. Maintenance is the key to your recovery, but you will get there with the proper help and treatment.