Small Business Ideas in Pune


Are you in search of profitable business ideas in Pune? If yes, then you have landed on the correct page. Pune is a city of most famous business spots in India. Pune city is best for young people who want to start their own business or their own entrepreneur blogs. 

Today Pune is stuffed with activities of business with the latest business trends. Apart from business Pune is a famous spot for tourists and they come in large numbers to experience the culture of Pune. Do you want to know some best business blogs? 

There are many awesome ideas to start a business of your own. Let’s know about some of the best small business blogs. Are you ready to know about them and ponder upon them in your life as a source of income. 

1. Buy and Sell Used 

You can open your bookstore and can sell used books as well as new books. To start this business seems to be a great idea as education is enhancing and every student wants to save money on books, whether he be a college student or a university student. It is one of the best small business ideas in pune.

2. Blogging business

Blogging is a beneficial business to start in the city of Pune. You just need to decide about the niche on which you want to blog, then go ahead with it, remain focused, and money will come to you! This business idea is the best idea if you want to start the business from home. 

3. Events Company

If you have knowledge and skills about organizing an event then you must go with this idea of business as the people of Pune always look for the best. And if you offer the best services then they will surely hire you. 

4. Online Trading

Pune city manufactures many stuff like jute bags, etc so why not to sell these stuff across the world through your own website. Best option is to go online and sell your products.

5. Artistic Training

People of Pune love music, drama, dance, and arts and half of the people want to learn these activities. So, if you have skills in these fields then why not to convert your skills into business! Become a teacher of these fields. 

6. Online Marketing Company

Nowadays various new businesses are sprouting daily, and each and every business requires online marketing. So, if you know about online marketing and have proper skills in this niche, then convert your skills into part time business or full time business. 

7. Design & Development

If you love to design and develop certain things and you are into this field from some time then you can become a freelancer in this field and provide various solutions to your client. 

8. Coaching Classes

If you are a part time teacher or if you are a student and are able to explain the concepts to your juniors in a better way; then you can convert your skill into a part time business. In later years you can develop proper coaching classes with various expert teachers. 

9. Affordable Furniture Store

People nowadays prefer to take used and low cost furniture. And many people are there who buy new furniture and sell the old one, so you can grab the opportunity to buy the old furniture from them. After this you can change the look of furniture and make it refreshing and new and sell the furniture to people who want to buy items at low cost. 

10. Plants & Vegetables Nursery

Are you having a big garden? If yes, then you can grow vegetables and can sell these vegetables to the people. But, if you also own a small space then grow beautiful flowers and sell them to the people. This type of business can reach successful heights if you have good items to sell at reasonable prices. 

11. Home Repair & Renovation

People living in big cities need renovation and paint once a year, and at affordable prices. You can add various types of services like plumbing, repairing, etc., and take your business to a high level. Just be creative and give the customers best offers.

12. Buying & Selling Used Cars

One of the best growing business ideas, most probably in fast paced cities, where many middle class families can’t afford to buy a new car. So what can you do? You can buy used cars and can sell them to people who want second hand cars and can earn money from this. You can schedule a meeting between buyer and seller, if you don’t want to buy the car and can earn your commission from it. 

13. Placement Consultancy

If you have connections with many companies and have a renowned network with hiring managers, you can help the candidates by placing them with some commission. 

14. Beauty & SPA

Not only women need beauty products and grooming but men also need all these things. If you are expert in this field then you can provide beauty tips to both men and women. You just need to offer services which are in great demand like a business of makeup artists. You can start your beauty salon on busy streets. Idea suits all housewives who love beauty. 

15. Business Broker

Pune, a city of business and many new business ideas are flourishing daily which requires many types of services. Many people want to sell their old business and some want to buy business. You can become a business broker if you have skills in this. 


These are some of the online business blogs which can be started in Pune and which will help you to earn a decent amount of money. Many business blogs India are competitive in the city but as the demand is increasing for them the business can be very profitable. You just need to think out of the box like how to attract more customers towards your business? By providing extra services to the customers so many people can get attracted to your business.