Special Cleaning Attention to Dirtiest Office Shared Spaces


In an office and commercial building, some rooms and areas are the ones that are used by almost all employees. These are the areas where they sit together, talk, discuss things, eat, and relax in their free time. So industrial cleaning companies must keep them clean and germ-free.

Areas of Offices Shared By All Employees

Below is a list of some of the rooms and areas that are shared by all staff members. As the majority of the employees use them; the germ-count is more in these places than other rooms.

  1. The reception and the adjacent lobby is the first place where all come when they enter a commercial building. The building management has to make sure that these two areas are cleaned initially.
  2. A few individuals are of the view that the bathrooms if cleaned only twice a day will be enough. It doesn’t matter whether you have a staff of 20 or 200 employees; all of them will use the bathrooms at least 4 times a day. So think about the amount of germs build-up in it.
  3. When employees are not doing their routine work; they love to sit with their colleagues and have a chit chat. For this purpose, the office management has common or break rooms. As these are also shared by all; cleaning them is very essential.
  4. All of the dirty dishes and utensils that are used in the whole office building are gathered in the kitchen and the next-door cafeteria. The germs are in abundance and the cleaning companies must also focus on these two rooms.
  5. Although health experts suggest that the employees should use the stairs if their office is on the first three floors of the building. Still, people pay no heed to the advice given and constantly use the elevators or escalators.
  6. The meeting and conference rooms are not used as much as others. But when they do come in use; they can accommodate up to 50 people. This can make the air unhealthy; so the industrial cleaners should focus on these meeting rooms as well.

Industrial Cleaning Companies Giving Special Attention

The popular industrial cleaning companies have the best techniques and equipment that will ensure that the rooms and areas mentioned above are cleaned and disinfected most appropriately.

Ample Supply of All Essential Cleaning Products

This task is important to remember for both the industry owners and the management. When the cleaners come for the cleaning schedule; the management must remind the cleaning staff to refill the supplies if they are empty.

Cleaning of the Shared Areas Regularly

It is very important to clean, sanitize, and disinfect the areas daily and best disinfectant for office and industrial areas.

Never Leave Out the Minor Things

These are the things that are present in the rooms that are shared by all staff members. Here mainly the equipment included is a computer, laptop, coffee machine, and microwave.

Place Safety Precautions All Around Building

All industrial cleaning companies have to keep their clients informed of the various safety and health precautions that are set by different health organizations.