The Most Admired Leather Khussas


Khussa for men is a type of footwear that is majorly worn and hand crafted the countries, Pakistan and India, while it is now also made in some parts of China as well. However, as it is popularly known, Pakistan is renowned for crafting the finest khussas and Rici Melion, the finest designer label is known for making the finest khussa design for man as well. This is attributed to Rici Melion’s superior method of producing high quality leather that is 100% pure and superior stitching that is done by hand. Rici Melion artisans possess the specialty to harmonize traditional and classic silhouettes of the khussa for men effortlessly and seamlessly with contemporary modern and luxury designs. Each crafted khussa at Rici Melion perfectly demonstrates the guiding philosophy of traditional and modern design of leather khussas. Rici Melion, over a period of time, has witnessed massive growth of eastern and traditional clothing in its demand & with Rici Melion you can adorn yourself in a variety of intricately designed ready to wear Khussas. At Rici Melion, khussas can be made on order as well, depending on your preferences and you can even specify your own color, silhouette and design. Apart from using the traditional leather on Punjabi khussa, a wide variety of other fabrics to craft khussa shoes men’s are also being used at Rici Melion to make them such as brocade, velvet, cotton, silk, jamawar etc. Khussa online can be found at Rici Melion website. Black khussa and other fashion footwear and men’s footwear is also available.

Get easily mesmerized with the enthralling and captivating till khussa men collection of Rici Melion which will complete your eastern look and make an effortless statement. Rici Melion is known for taking inspiration from traditional elements and historical folklores to create timeless classic khussa design for man. Each of the creation of gent’s khussa and fancy khussas exemplifies the traditional elements that include the technique, skill and workmanship. All the pieces at Rici Melion are novel and unique because of the exemplary design process that incorporates rich details and modern fitting into the khussas combined with above par craftsmanship. The entire collection of ready to wear khussa shoes men’s at Rici Melion are an epitome of creativity, innovation and simplicity of the design, exquisitely hand stitched by our skilled artisans with exemplary grain detailing and finishing. The premium material, pure leather, of these men’s khussa shoes in Pakistan makes them highly comfortable and convenient enough to be a part of everyday wear attire which is a perfect choice for the contemporary and modern man. The most demanded colors are all available at Rici Melion and the pure leather used gives the khussa collection a refined yet casual look that can be worn with jeans or traditional attire. It is an excellent choice for any event like weddings, EID and evening soirees. The ethnic nature of the traditional skills incorporated into the crafting of these khussas reflect into poetry when entangled with the contemporary colors and designs. Discover khussa online at Rici Melions website where you can easily find black khussa shoes for men’s and just the best Pakistani khussa men’s. Gents khussa price in Pakistan can also be found on the website.

The design of the khussa often reflects the nature, color and shape of the appliqué that is done on it by hand. The distinguishing and outstanding feature of the khussas at Rici Melion, the finest designer label, is that they are completely made by the hand, this means that everything starting from the cutting, crafting, embroidery, tanning and stitching is done by hand. The common process of making a khussa at Rici Melion includes tanning with vegetables, leather curing, cutting & stitching the parts of the khussa that include the insole, outsole, sole and vamp. The upper part of the khussa and the sole are together joined by paste and then by using white cotton threads are then stitched by hand together. The astonishing part is that the cut of both, the left and right khussa is exactly the same, although when it comes to embroidery, it is done on the leather of the khussa before the shape of the khussa comes into form. For the embroidery to take place without any mistakes, a design is then cut out from a paper of a specific type that is then pasted on the leather and there it is replicated on to the leather. Rici Melion has all variety that includes, velvet khussa, peshawari khussa, mehndi khussa, and groom khussa, velvet khussas for men, black velvet khussa, embellished khussa and embroidered khussa. Shop for all these men’s Khussa online at Rici Melion’s website.

The premium quality, perseverance and resilient nature of the Pakistani khussa for mens usually depend on the material that is used specially the leather. So the men’s leather khussa shoes that are used should be pure, like at Rici Melion, so that the khussa lasts for a long time and is comfortable to wear. If we go back in history, khussas for men were actually quite basic and simple. Even the ones that were worn at wedding functions and other ceremonial ones were crafted in a few typical and classic designs. However, in recent years, they are hand crafted in a variety of colors and designs with different techniques of embroidery incorporated in them and premium materials used. Khussas at Rici Melion are also available for children and can be made to order as well. Punjabi khussa online shopping can be done easily at Rici melion website where you can find all kinds of khussa for groom, wedding khussa, gents’ khussa shoes, stone khussa and black leather khussa very easily and get them delivered directly at your doorstep.