Tips To Help You Style Your Home By Layering The Rug On The Carpet


Have you been considering layer rugs on a carpet? Do you consider it odd for layering a rug on the carpet? Rest assured it has become a highly popular method of decorating your home.

Rugs could be layered on top of the carpets for reducing the wear and tear on the carpet. It would be suitable for high traffic areas, usually the hallways and entryways. The rugs could be used for their inexpensive ways of concealing the damaged carpet. It would cover small holes and stains that are relatively hard to clean.

Aesthetical benefits of using a rug over carpet

Apart from the practical reasons, consider the aesthetical benefits of layering the rugs on a jute carpet. The carpet is used or flooring the surface usually of a neutral color and seldom patterned. When you layer a rug on the carpet, you could add a personal style to the home décor fixture. It could also change the style of your home suitable for your different moods.

Layering rugs on the carpet would be budget-friendly as well. A carpet is a decent investment. However, rugs would be made available in different shapes and sizes. Carpets would also be available in different fabrics and patterns. It would be available at different price points. Rugs would be useful when you rent and cannot change the home carpet.

Let us help you go through a few vital rug layering tips and techniques to help you style your home in the best possible way.

Consider the texture

The key to getting a layered rug would be to consider the right texture. Begin the texture of the carpet and look for a contrast in your choice of rugs. It could warm-up space. Alternatively, the low-profile rug would ground a plush carpet. A jute rug would be a great base rug to begin layering. It is highly durable and reasonably priced. The texture would feel good under the feet. It would offer a contrast along with the softness of carpet fibers. The natural color would join the carpet with other rugs and elements layering in the room.

Consider the color

A carpet with a distinctive pattern should have area rugs without patterns in colors. It would help pick up carpet designs or other objects in the room. Mixing the patterns could be relatively difficult. As a result, the layering rugs clashing would leave you with a cluttered décor instead of being assorted.

Varying shades and tones of similar colors would be easier to create a monochromatic appearance. The complementary colors could enable you to bring more color variation to your room. For confirmation of your color schemes working together, consider a suitable style to work with a color scheme.

Consider the design

When you layer rugs, decide on the placement suitable for your needs. You could come across a few design guidelines that help you make the most of your home décor needs such as the front two legs or the entire furniture should rest on the rug. Consider two-thirds of the bed resting on the rug. The top rug should not be placed parallel to the bottom rug. Leave some space between the baseboards and the rug.