Top 10 Awesome Stuff in The Maldives


Surf famous waves, dive with whale sharks, or shop local markets – there’s an enormous amount of things to try in Maldives if you’ll tear yourself faraway from the pristine beaches. This is our simplest list.

1. Go and Surf

The Maldives is one among the simplest places (or a minimum of most beautiful) within the world to surf, with many spots to suit different abilities round the islands. The Cinnamon Dhonveli is one among the foremost popular destinations with more advanced surfers (you need to book here), but there’s many other hotels dotted around great surfing beaches. They are typically divided into three categories: Male Atolls, Central Atolls and South Atolls, but many surf breaks have no names or are only discovered by surfers on board trips accidentally.

2. Dolphin Watch within the Maldives

There are reportedly around 20 species of dolphin within the Maldives including spinner and bottlenose, two of the foremost recognizable. Most hotels offer their own boat tours because you rarely need to travel faraway from shore to ascertain these magnificent creatures. And while many hotels might claim they need the “best” dolphin spotting cruises, as long as you’ve got clear waters and an honest boat, you’re unlikely to be disappointed!

3. Visit the Male Fish Market

There are a couple of fish markets round the world that have developed a kind of cult status for tourists – the Tsukhi fish market in Tokyo being top of the list. But the Male Fish Market is certainly gaining traction! It’s noisy, smelly and fun, and you’re unlikely to know much of the bartering between merchants unless you’re a professional . cannon fodder is brought in throughout the day from the fishing harbor nearby , and therefore the most wanted is that the yellowfin and skipjack . The market attracts buyers from a number of Male’s top hotels, also because the general public. A tip – wear clothes you don’t mind getting a touch fishy!

Address: Boduthakurufaanu Magu, Male, Maldives

Opening times: Daily, 5am – 7pm

4. Go Budget on Thulusdhoo

If you’re worried your budget won’t stretch to a luxury holiday within the Maldives, consider staying on one among the cheaper islands like Thulusdhoo. It’s only around half-hour by boat from Male, and is most famous for its production of bodu Beru, which are traditional drums, and a Coca-Cola factory! While Thulusdhoo island is more urbanized than a number of the thousand others, it still has some stunning stretches of beaches and nice guest houses which are perfect if you would like to go to the Maldives on a budget.

5. Visit the Male Friday Mosque

The Male Friday Mosque, also called the Male Old Friday Mosque, is one among the oldest on the island. Its foundations are made up of porites madrepore , a standard species of coral within the archipelago. it had been inbuilt 1658 on the location of a good older mosque constructed in around 1152. it’s undergone repair and little renovations over the years but has never closed its doors to worshippers. the inside has some beautifully intricate inscriptions from the Quran, also as expertly-crafted woodwork and architecture. In 2008 it had been added to the list of cultural Unesco World Heritage sites, partly due to its use of coral in its construction. It’s not strictly hospitable the general public but you’ll probably find that if you’re modestly dressed and visit outside of normal prayer times, you’ll be allowed in to ascertain the inside . There’s also a graveyard with mausoleums and headstones which is hospitable enter.

Address: Medhuziyaarai Magu, Male, Maldives

6. Scuba Dive with Whale Sharks

The most famous place to dive with sharks is perhaps round the Ari Atoll, to the west of Male. The North Ari Atoll has hammerhead sharks but they’re not as easily seen because the whale sharks which swim in shallower waters within the South Ari Atoll. The south may be a protected marine area but happy to welcome well-intentioned divers. The island of Maamigili has an airport and may be a popular jumping off point for divers who want to swim with whale sharks. The sharks swim the 10 km Dhidhdhoo Beyru between May and September which makes it easy to find them! You are going to occupy a hotel in Maamigili, and book your hosts for a dive.

7. National Museum Maldives

Safety in this very distinct building is strong, yet comprehensible. it had been broken into in 2012 by religious extremists who destroyed 30 coral Buddhist carvings dating back to the pre-Islamic period. Sadly this was one among the museum’s best collections. Nevertheless there’s still plenty to ascertain including pieces that were created to celebrate Maldives’ conversion to Islam, traditional weapons, and non secular paraphernalia. It’s an honest collection that tells the story of the archipelago’s interesting history.

Address: _ Chaandhanee Magu, Malé, Maldives_

Opening times: Sunday through Thursday 10am – 4pm

Access: for adults, Rf50 (Dh12) and for girls, Rf15(Dh4)

8. Economize on Maafushi

Visiting Maafushi island is another good thing to try within the Maldives if you’re on a budget and can’t afford to remain in one among the exclusive private island resorts. it’s an enormous choice of hotels and guesthouses and lots of of them cost much but other Maldives hotels. It’s worth knowing that on non-private islands within the archipelago drinking alcohol is forbidden and modest clothing is predicted on the general public beaches, because it’s a Muslim country. Maafushi, however, has what’s referred to as a ‘bikini beach’ which, if you hadn’t already guessed, means bikinis are allowed! For non-Muslims, there are off-shore floating bars or boats to require you to nearby islands who have different rules. Ferries run daily from Male to Maafushi, and the other way around .

9. Stay Veligandu Island

Staying at the Veligandu Island Resort & Spa one among the foremost popular things to try to to within the Maldives, but doesn’t come cheap with rooms costing from a few of thousand dirhams per night. But even at those prices it’s faraway from the foremost expensive Maldive hotels. it’s the sole resort on this island within the North Ari Atoll and is one among the foremost beautiful. it’s a fantastic 54 jacuzzi water villas, 10 jacuzzi beach villas and 10 water villas. It’s one among the simplest places to snorkel because the shallow waters off the island are a haven for fish who just like the warmest waters! Facilities include beach volleyball, Ping-Pong , darts, billiards, and fishing trips.

Address: North Ari Atoll, Male, Maldives

10. Relax in an Underwater Spa

Ok, so you’ve got to possess some serious pocket money if you would like to enjoy a stay a the famous Huvafen Fushi within the North Male Atoll, but if you’re trying to find the vacation of a lifetime, go here! The resistance aspect is that you can look out at the underwater Spa where you can take a body wrap or massage in hot stones. Additionally, the hotel itself is spectacular and you can choose between bungalows or beaches, each with private swimming pools and access to the beautiful sea.

Address: PO Box 2017, North Male Atoll, 08390, Maldives.