Wales Is Off The Track As Per Pisa Test


Wales is said to face reduced performance, and it is alarming as per experts thoughts. As the Pisa results were announced, all the experts and parents were again surprised on the poor credibility and approaches; the wales utilize in imparting education to children.

Andreas Schleicher, the chief of OECD (Organization forEconomic Cooperation and Development), has evaluated the declined performance of the education sector of Wales, which is entirely unexpected. Pisa has publicized the recent results of the performance of whales.

What are the Pisa tests basically?

Pisa test is an international test which is held in many countries and states. Students of 15 years age are said to appear in these exams. It was unusual that wales have recorded such bad scores in Pisa tests this year. These poor results can result in illiteracy because too many youngsters can abandon schools instead of getting more knowledge and aptitude.

  • Pisa test is named as Programme for International Student Assessment.
  • There are three portions of this test, science, math and comprehension reading.
  • OECD holds these after three years span.
  • It is estimated than students from more than 70 countries take this exam. 
  • The test comprises of two hours, and it is a fully computerized test.
  • Wales in 2006 was included in the list of countries participating in the Pisa test.

Wales is Said to Have Lost its Pure Soul

These issues are severe and need to be considered by state officials. All the sections of the community must come on a table to think what can be done to raise the education standard of Wales to a level higher than secured by the other cities.

Wales is underperforming, and there are several reasons pointed out by the experts. Lack of top-class teaching strategies and unavailability of education policies which can conform to high-quality education in the schools across all states.

OECD experts have explained that expectations of learners and quality of teaching are not met in the schools entirely as these are the probable reason for the generation of a gap between children and education. The world has standardized Pisa as the leading quality checking test of the education level of a country. But there have been so many questions put on the validity and the procedure of Pisa it used while conducting exams.

How Wales Had Been Performing for Last Decade in Pisa

In 2010, the same case happened when Pisa results of wales caused a wave of shock across the whole of Britain. Children could not perform well in science, math and comprehension parts of the test. The official was worried about the difference in performance of other cities and wales in the Pisa test. Other cities performed better by providing better results and stats than Wales.

In 2016, Wales did not show much improvement as it was among the lowest average results states in the OECD list of Pisa performances.

Wales was in need of true self-awakening because its system needs to be amended as soon as possible. These complications if not resolved, can harm the futuristic opportunities of youngsters.

The children are not event comprehending the fundamental skills and knowledge which is necessary to make a start for further processing’s for education as per Mr.Schleicher. He insisted on the lack of proper educational policies which can ensure high-quality skills and learning for children. However, schools are not showing the calibre in teaching, which should be set to educate students at initial stages of their lives.

How the Whole Society can Play a Role in Improving the Education Standard

Education thinkers have praised the valuable addition of the efforts from all factions of the community. Most importantly, the parent role possesses a significant contribution to the development of a learning environment for the children. Also, other organizations like cheap essay help uk, politics and educational experts can play the role which is necessary for the betterment of a system of education.

Parental care towards studies of children can create a huge impact which may be bigger the changing the schools for students. Parents asking children about their studies at schools and how they are learning will provide better insight into the educational standard of the system.

What OECD Head has Suggestions for Wales Education System

Mr Schleicher only suggested arranging for quick educational reforms and strict planning for assuring parents, children and people who have huge expectations form the education system of Wales. According to him, there is not any need of recruiting new teachers, but the method and way of delivery of knowledge and skills at the schools must be reconsidered by the education board. 

The new changes are going to be introduced in Wales in the upcoming years. In 2022, it is predicted that new syllabus will replace the older one and it will bring a huge change in the system of Wales. Only these reforms will be enough to raise the education levels of Wales as per the analysis of experts.

Schleicher had called for robust planning and stringent policies to change the existing system of education in Wales if we want to see better results for wales in the future.

Time will Heal and Uplift the Education in the Wales

Parents are worried that schools could not provide the education level they really wish their children to acquire amid the poor performance of wales in Pisa. It is not a thing about a few years, but it had been a decade wales is at the bottom of all states. Parents want proper answers from the officials who are responsible for formulating educational policies at the Pisa.

Specialists advise parents to wait for the things which are surely going to improve the education system in Wales. But the main point is to remain as changes take place with time. All the teachers, learners and politicians have kept the eyes on education boards to announce some changes in policies as Pisa results were announced at the end of last year.

Hope these years will be crucial for Wales to assure replacement of curriculum in next two years.