Want to Have Local Presence for Your Plumbing Company? Here’s How to Optimize Google My Business Profile

Digital Marketing

Are you paying more attention to local organic searches for your plumbing business?

That’s cool. The local audience shows more interest in these service-based businesses. Hence improving the local presence of your plumbing marketing company and gaining local visibility is very important. Your business name should appear at every local search result whenever a relevant search is made.

To gain local organic search results for your business, optimizing your Google My Business profile is mandatory. It ensures your business is listed on the platform whenever a search is made on Google Search or Google Maps.

Would you like to amplify your local search engine ranking? Follow the tips on how you can optimize your business profile on Google My Business.

Let’s have a look.

5 Ways to optimize Google My Business Profile

  1. Encourage Customers to Leave Feedback: On Google, there is a special section for adding reviews to every business. If your business is listed on Google My Business platform, it becomes easier for the customers to leave feedback.

    Encourage your customers to share their experience and rate your business among the five stars. This shows your relevancy and creates a lasting impression on the audience.

    Apart from encouraging your audience, it is also necessary to respond to the reviews generated on Google. Reviews can be both positive and negative. However, you should be smart enough to handle all your reviews with empathy.
  2. Make attractive posts:Information shared on Google are considered authentic and accurate. Therefore, make sure the details you share are up to date. Some important information includes address, working hours, contact information, and so on. Along with this information, you can create posts related to offers, new products, events, and any updates related to your business.

    Creating such attractive and engaging posts drive more clients to the site, build more sales, and encourage visits to your digital storefront.

    Sign in to the account. Visit posts. Choose the type of post you want to make. Make some edits, and click the publish button. You can even select the Preview option to find how it looks like. The posts can be rich with photos, videos, and GIFs.
  3. Make your Business Stand out with Images: When you create a business profile on Google My Business, obviously you choose business logo and a cover photo to attach to your profile. Just like you create a social media account on Facebook and Twitter, you have to do the same with your Google My Business as well. Without your brand image and brand logo, it is hard for people to recognize the business. Apart from the brand logo and brand cover photo, you can even add some other images related to your business. Probably, some images related to your plumbing job, your clients, and many more.

    Register to the Google My Business account page. Open the location and click the photos section from the menu. Select the photos from the gallery that you would like to add. Finally, upload the photos to your page and share them. Additional photos turn the business page stand out from the competitors. This enhances brand value and eventually make the business much more reliable and appreciable.
  4. Add Special Features:Google My Business offers a comprehensive range of features that you can use to glorify your business page. However, this depends upon the category you have chosen.
    For example, for your plumbing business, you can add special features like a service menu and booking option. Likewise, you can add multiple attributes to your profile and share it with the customers so that they find it easier to connect with you.

    Add or edit attributes from the list of attributes listed in the menu. And click the Apply button.
  5. Integrate Google My Business with Hootsuite: Finally, it is important to manage everything in one place. This is possible when you integrate Google My Business with Hootsuite.

    With the central dashboard, you can respond to all your reviews, track all your activities, promote company updates, and many more. Just choose a common theme and make the entire interface attractive.

    Learn the tips on how you can use Hootsuite to manage Google My Business page and embrace them for better results.

Final Thoughts

Google My Business comes with multiple benefits and extensions. For example, if you have your Google My Business account you can simply use the local extensions to run the Google ads. These ads are automated with clickable location details. The best thing about this tool is, it is absolutely free of cost. No matter what feature you use, you don’t have to pay a single buck.

Optimize your plumbing business account on Google My Business and enjoy white label digital marketing across the web.