What are Different Types of Custom Military Patches?


There are various sorts of custom patches available in the market, and it is overwhelming if you aren’t recognizable with the use of each kind of patches. These patches are required in a range of works and custom-made with several materials. That’s an amazing idea to stand unique as clothing customization with patches, which will include an extra glory to your wardrobe. These customized patches are operational and serving a purpose in various situations, such as – military wears, school uniforms, and work wear as well.

If you are interested to choose the right kind of custom military patches, you need to consider several important points, which include –

  • Material
  • Price Tag
  • Durability
  • Turnaround Time
  • Texture

Below we’ve enlisted the different types of custom patches available in today’s competitive market –

  • Embroidered Patches

These customized patches are an ideal combination of affordability, sturdiness, and style potential with hundreds of thread colors to match your needs. The unique surface allows pop off the patch with real-intensity. The embroidered patches make the most of high-contact designs and are mainly preferred for sports and work uniforms. And with good reasons – embroidered patches are comparatively cheaper yet cool as well as a cost-effective way to customize your outfits. 

  • Chenille Patches

These custom-made patches are old school, and popular as “Letterman Patches”. The chenille patches are made with dual layers and have fluffier fuzzy surfaces. The bottom layer is customized with a sense, which gives its softer texture. However, the design isn’t too complex but the patches are made of any shape. The chenille patches are useful as glee clubs, college or school gears, retro style with simple appeal. 

  • Leather Patches

Leather patches are versatile, which are made to look both supremely classy and outdoorsy. These patches are generally costly as made of original or artificial leathers. These customized gears are perfectly used as giveaways and military patches. These patches need a medium turnaround time and ideal for fashion brands, backpacks, and bags labels. 

  • PVC Patches

These customized patches are rugged and rubberized emblems that offer complete protection against mud, grit, paintballs, water, and whatever stains. PVC is an extraordinary material, which allows patch makers to create unique sculpting for 3D effects. PVC Patches are identified as vibrant, personalized, and colorful gear. 

  • Woven Patches

The woven patches are similar to embroidered patches, which are ideal for sports and work uniforms, and perfect giveaways. You can simply include more points with woven patches, which is comparatively cost-effective in price ranges. This type of custom patch is used to feature the photorealistic effect of the designs because thinner thread offers more room to work with. 

  • Printed Patches

These custom patches involve a complex production process, and so it can suit any style. The procedure of crafting printed patches is call sublimation. And also you can use ample colors and style while making printed patches, which are even cost-effective as embroidered patches. The printed patches are recommended if you’ve cost-sensitive projects with fast turnaround time. The same mechanism is used to print on your outfits.

  • Name Patches

The name patches are commonly used on workwear shirts at chain stores and outlets, where official identity card isn’t necessarily worn always. These custom patches are simple, which are available in two different colors only. The name patches are quite inexpensive and mostly ordered in maximum quantity. The turnaround time of these patches is quick and ideal for volunteers and workwear. 

There’s a range of customized patches available in the market, and you need to place order considering its price, material, sturdiness, making procedure, and much more points. If you aren’t certain about sorts of military patches, choose the right patch maker to get the best solution!