What are the Difference between LED bulbs and LED Grow Lights?


Both LED bulbs and LED grow lights are much more efficient and last longer than incandescent bulbs. They cost less to operate and are much more environmentally friendly than traditional light bulbs. With so many benefits of LEDs, you might have thought of using LED grow lights for indoor plant growing. LED grow lights use individual diodes to promote indoor plant growth. So what’s the difference between the simple LED bulbs and the LED grow lights?

Different Wavelengths

The primary difference between LED bulbs and LED grow lights is in their use. LED bulbs are used to illuminate dark places with white or soft white light, whereas LED Grow lights produce light of different wavelengths to grow plants. White LED bulbs by themselves do not have the sufficient blend of light wavelengths to effectively grow plants indoors. Plants require different colors of light at various stages of growth. For example the vegetation of most plants is favored under a blue dominant light, whereas flowering is best induced with an increase in the proportion of red wavelengths. 

Better Control

LED bulbs are made to run at a consistent brightness and their intensity isn’t usually varied. LED grow lights are used to provide a variety of wavelengths and can also have light intensity controls. Most LED grow lights are pre-installed with different modes, which automatically control the intensity of different wavelengths of light at different times. 

Ultraviolet and Infrared Light

As discussed above, LED bulbs typically produce white light for illumination. LED grow lights, on the other hand, have specific and targeted wavelengths such as red, orange, blue, violet and ultraviolet that help plants grow and thrive. Therefore, the Best LED grow lights should include a certain number of LEDs that include infrared and ultraviolet light. Some of the best performing grow lights are the award-winning G8LED grow lights. 


LED grow lights are designed to work together to produce a spectrum of light. Traditional LED bulbs don’t work as a combination of different LEDs to provide a range of light. Hence, they don’t offer any changes in the predefined spectrum of visible light that they produce. Plants use different wavelengths from the light spectrum, which is composed of a combination of several colors such as the blue and red light spectrums, which are most efficient for their growth.

Which Are Better LED Lights Or LED Grow Lights?

Both LED bulbs and LED grow lights are efficient, but are designed for different purposes. Standard LEDs can still stimulate plant growth, but not as well or efficiently as LED grow lights, which are specially modified for plants. Similarly, LED grow lights cannot be used in place of regular LED bulbs for room lighting. If you’re looking to find ways to grow plants indoors, then LED grow lights are the way to go.