Why Choose HostingRaja Dedicated Server?


What is a Dedicated Server Hosting?

These days it has become so simple to develop a website and start your own business or blog.

We all always take a free hosting initially right?

Slowly your blog or website has started generating high traffic.

Shared hosting is not sufficient now.

What should you do then?

You simply have to take a dedicated server hosting.

A dedicated server means you have a complete server for your website.

Unlike the sharing servers, a dedicated server offers more power and flexibility to your website.

If you are under any of the following situations, you should opt for a dedicated server.

  • Heavy traffic to your website
  • Concerned about security.
  • Page loading time is not optimal.
  • Want to have control over your server.

In simple words, it’s like buying a house for yourself after living in a sharing room or apartments.

Why Choose HostingRaja Dedicated server?

Now you will think about why you should choose HostingRaja as your dedicated server. HostingRaja is an ISO certified Indian hosting company since 2015. It performs well equally for both Windows and Linux operating system.

Let us discuss the benefits of choosing HostingRaja.

SEO Friendly Dedicated Server:

The whole internet is running after SEO. What if you get a server that is SEO friendly and acquires better ranking in google?

As HostingRaja is an Indian company it provides Indian Ip address which affects your Google ranking.

 Isn’t that great!!

Protection from Hacking :

The biggest threat to the internet and the online world is hacking. You have to pay a lot of money to keep your website safe from hackers. With HostingRaja, you get an inbuilt server for hacking protection. It provides you protection from hackers and spammers.

Free Installation and Set Up:

We do not charge a single penny for installation and set up.

Our customer service is available for you anytime.

Guaranteed Website Speed:

If you have decided for a dedicated server that means speed is a great concern for you.

You need optimal page loading time for growing traffic.

At HostingRaja, we provide guaranteed website speed. We have one of the best speeds in the field.

Great Offers and Discounts:

 We offer great discounts and special offers to our customers.

You can avail a healthy discount of up to 55%.

There are many plans, you can choose one according to your needs. The most popular plans are :

(a) Basic server.

(b) Value server.

(c) Gold server.

(d) Silver server.

We are offering heavy discounts on each plan. For more details on the plan, please visit our website.

Vocal for Local.

 HostingRaja is among the best local brands in the server hosting. You can also become a part of this wonderful local brand and promote Vocal For Local.

Customer Service:

Customer is the king. At HostingRaja, we do accept this and treat our customers with care and support. You can chat with our technician anytime and reach us anytime for any queries and problems.

We are at your service for all the support.