Get Your Swag On: How to Style Yourself

Looking good and feeling good is really associated with what we are wearing. Indeed, a great combination of attire will definitely change the mood of an employee in a positive way. With that, by feeling good you will surely get motivated to work harder and better while at the office. 

That’s one reason why the American men and women office workers should take time for establishing an excellent wardrobe attitude.

There are kind of strict employers that prefers to target a professional ambiance by requiring the employees to wear suits, long sleeves and corporate dresses.

While there are kind of cool employers who aims to promote a more creative environment by letting their employees to choose from several t-shirts, jewelry and timepieces, and even with femboy outfit ideas or street wear clothing, or considering that there will be no offensive prints/content that may result in workplace conflicts/troubles.

Meanwhile, considering office dress codes doesn’t avert employees to ditch their personal style. All American men and women office workers may still experiment with fashion while obeying each of the rules listed in whatever office dress codes they have to follow.

How to Style Yourself? Here Is The Answer.

Fashion Tips for Australian Office Employees

Achieving a competent image is essential for every men and women employee. It has the power to speak volumes about your competencies in performing your job. 

With that, exerting efforts to look more impressive while at work should be take into consideration. Enlisted are the most vital aspects that will make your perfect office attire:

Color – Application of color psychology delivers a vast impact in your career. Therefore, choosing the right colors for work will be wise. These potential corporate colors include:

  • Black – For it symbolizes authority and power.
  • Red – Although it has been associated with aggression, this color also means energy, strength, power, determination as well as passion.
  • White – This color represents perfection, purity as well as completeness.
  • Blue – People are said to become more productive inside a blue room. Same relates to office outfits.
  • Yellow – For it serves as the color of the mind and the intellect. Also, yellow allies with being a great communicator.

Accessories – Men office workers’ accessories are ties, wallets, leather belts, wrist watches, and eyeglasses. While women office worker’s accessories include necklaces, earrings, leather belts, scarfs, eyeglasses and shoes. Women office workers may also want to invest on streetwear clothing.

Bags – Bags doesn’t require being expensive, the trick is by choosing a design that looks lavish yet displays simplicity. Choose a type of bag that is appropriate to bring at your workplace. Settle for a neutral color and pick structured styles to project an organized image.

Hygiene – Aside from material things, excellent personal hygiene must be observed at all times, most especially at work. For women, manicured nails with classic nail polish are okay. While for men, a neat hair would be fine.

Proper posture – By displaying a proper posture, you may convey to your colleagues and your boss that you are a pro-active and disciplined person.

Right attitude – No matter how great you are in reference with the above aspects, if you will not exercise a right attitude at work, you will eventually fail to impress.
Simplicity – Most importantly, being simple is like expressing humbleness which will always be vital at any workplace.

Swag On with an office OOTD

Aside from obeying the type of attire that your employer implemented in the office, there are still other things to consider in selecting your office outfit of the day. 

These aspects include comfort, durability, weather conditions and health conditions, working hours, office events, your job position and many more.

Also, keep in mind that any clothing or accessories with extravagant and distracting ensembles will be less appropriate for an office outfit.

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