What is "World Pest Day," and why and who is it celebrated by?

World Pest Day is observed on June 6. It is a day to raise awareness about pest management, exchange information about recent advancements in pest management technology, and present information about current pest threats. Specialists worldwide attend the event to share their expertise in pest management and raise awareness of its importance. They emphasize the significance of pest management or home pest control since it safeguards the nation from dangerous diseases, maintains food security, and promotes significant cost savings.

World Pest Day's History

The first World Pest Day was observed in Beijing on June 6, 2017. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA), the Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers Association (FAOPMA), and the Confederation of European Pest Management Associations all supported the proposal, which was spearheaded by the Chinese Pest Control Association (CEPA)

To raise awareness about pests and professional pest management among China's youth and children, the CPCA produced a cartoon video titled "Fatal Pest."

The delegates and executives commemorate this day yearly by exchanging knowledge to support this excellent effort. They put a lot of effort into educating people about professional pest control, what they perform, and how it benefits society.

The venue for the occasion in 2019 was Arnhem, Netherlands. Delegates and attendees who made it to the event crowded the Dutch Open Air Museum to talk about pest management, preventive measures to improve food safety, promoting better living circumstances, and safeguarding human and animal health. Numerous lectures, movies, and statistics reports concentrating on how pests affect our daily lives and what we can all do to prevent infestation helped to make the event memorable.

The purpose of World Pest Day is to

  • Raising awareness of the crucial role that pest management organizations play in preserving public health among the general public, the government, and the media

  • Promote the pest management sector's expert image.

  • Promote the use of professional pest control in an organized and ethical manner.

  • Draw attention to the significant risks these tiny pests pose.

Final Thoughts

Pest infestations typically occur in homes, offices, schools, malls, cafes, hospitals, and other locations and are a major priority for organizations worldwide. They urge and inform the populace to follow the advice and preventative steps to ensure the surroundings are clean. On the other hand, pest control businesses are continuously developing their technology and tactics to combat these pests while ensuring that their procedures are safe for people and the environment. Everyone must agree on the best methods for waste management, food disposal, and pest control if we are to win this war.

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