A Guide To The Best Spa Days In Staffordshire

Spa days are the favourite go-to stress releasor activity, extremely popular in the now working class of society, a break from the hectic work and personal schedule. There are a number of types of spas varying in oils used, set-up, techniques used, and so on among all choosing the best for you requires expertise, but of your own preferences, what one likes and feels rejuvenated with, and get out of the situation of burnout which differs from individual to individual. With a hectic schedule, it is not possible either physically or financially to go on vacations every now and then, but spa days provide the best stress reliever solutions with the specified time constraints, that are even available within a few hours provided you have the appointment. 

Avoid Caffeine 

One should avoid caffeine at all cost on their spa day, and if you can’t function before a cup of hot magical coffee, be mindful of taking it before the spa treatment, as it tenses our muscles which in the latter stage add to build up stress we feel in our body, says the spa days Staffordshire. The spa treatment causes our body muscle to loosen out, since the pressure applied on the body, force it to stretch and release the pent up tension, which further enhances the mobility of muscle causing us to feel refreshed, this whole procedure may take up the whole 24 hours after the treatment, and the caffeine tenses up our muscle causing the resistance to the opening up of muscle fibres. Thus, the people who complain about not feeling relaxed even after the spa day, this is the main reason why they don’t, our body needs time to relax and when we add things like coffee that adds strain to our muscles in order to keep up awake, this function hinders the former natural process. 

Light Meals Before Spa Treatment 

In a spa the professional applies stress to certain pressure points for the pent-up stress in our body to be released, some of these are in our stomach, for the opening up of the small intestine and large intestines. People who work continuously for more than sixteen hours a day, face problems with bowel movement, in general even changes in food patterns many times causes a problem in bowel movement, as they are a bit difficult to digest. When the pressure is applied to your abdomen and the area below the breast region, it loosens out the muscle tension, hence readjusting the digestive functioning, studies have verified this concept. Moreover, people complaining about feeling nauseated during the spa is because they consumed a heavy diet before the spa since pressure is applied and a heavy diet requires more time to be digested, as compared to the light ones. Spa days Staffordshire provides its clients with the whole diet chart of what to eat before, during and after the spa treatment for more details one can refer to that. 

In the end, a few tips, keep your diet light, stay hydrated, and avoid carbs and coffee if you can. Happy spaying!

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