What are the benefits of using solar car park lights in your place?

There is an open space where you can have an outdoor parking light. When there is a grid, electric parking lights are installed, and there must be connected to the laid wires and power grid.

But the solar car park lighting works alone and with independent design.

You don't have a problem as it will no longer use the solar parking lights. There is an analysis of solar parking lights than traditional grid LED street lights. 

solar car park lights

Install anywhere

The solar street lamp doesn't have to be connected to the grid where installation is limited. Installing in remote areas, camps, and more is ideal.

Solar street lamps in remote places can be installed in natural disaster-prone regions as they must perform safely on other sites. It is installed on a riverside, the best place to put a solar street lamp.

No more wiring

Installing the base pole on a concrete foundation, the solar power, and the light fixture on the top of the bar will give you light in less than a day.

No bills to pay

Since using a solar street lamp is powered by the sun 100%, it is an off-grid lighting system. It will not generate any charges or cause any pollution in the environment.

It also has a 100% green energy lighting system where the solar street lamp has been applied in other countries and places.

Smart control

End users use a remote control or mobile phone app to light the lighting modes.

They can use it to turn it on or off, adjust the brightness, and choose a light mode depending on the weather and environment.

The mobile application can know and monitor every component status and failure detection.


Learning the luminosity of the lights is why you are getting it in your place. The watts measure the power the bulb operates, and luminosity is the measurement of the proper brightness made by the bulb.

Many times is more efficient in turning the watts to lumens than to ordinary street lights. It means there is less energy usage for the same brightness.

With innovative technology, you can control the outdoor lighting system well.

You can control the amount of intelligence from your office. The parking lot has different places that can lighten at other times.

Illuminating the parking lot on demand will help you to have high energy efficiency.

The installation of solar LED lights will cost less than traditional on-grid lights. The electrical grid has to be extended to remote places.

With the solar lighting system in the parking lots, owners will enjoy good luminosity and serving costs. A solar light will return on investment in 5-7 years when the remote management software is used to its total capacity. 

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