What Are Wisdom Teeth and Why Do We Need Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

You may hear about wisdom teeth. It is a third molar that emerges in the back side of our mouth. Most of us face wisdom teeth between the ages of 17 to 25. Every one of us has 4 wisdom teeth. They grow in the corner sides of our mouths. Note that there are some people without wisdom teeth, or they only have one or 2 of them. A dentist offering painless wisdom tooth extraction in Newmarket explains that some people can have fewer than 4, and some may have none of these teeth. You may want to know why we need these teeth. The wisdom tooth is something that belongs to ancient times and ancient people. Like our ancestors, those people might need wisdom teeth to chew food better. New society faces different requirements with new eating habits. Therefore, we don’t need wisdom teeth anymore. In this case, dentists perform wisdom tooth extraction as an optional surgery. 

wisdom tooth extraction in Newmarket

Should I Experience Wisdom Tooth Extraction? 

Ancient people needed these teeth to eat their food better because they ate tough foods such as plant roots, hard nuts, or raw meat. Our food and eating habits change over time, so we can eat and chew foods with regular teeth. 

We no longer need our wisdom teeth, so you must think about their extraction. Since your diet involves softer foods that are easier to chew and eat, you can easily extract wisdom teeth. 

The need for these teeth diminished due to our changed lifestyle. There is another point and reason to perform a wisdom tooth extraction, people's jaw is becoming smaller and smaller, and there won't be enough room for wisdom teeth to grow. 

According to the gathered information, these teeth may cause dental damage. Therefore it is better to extract them as soon as possible. The small jaw bone and wisdom teeth can lead to many dental issues. Don’t hesitate and arrange a dental visit to extract your teeth. 

wisdom tooth extraction in Newmarket

Why Wisdom Tooth Extraction? 

As we said, there are different reasons to extract your wisdom teeth. Stay with us to get enough reasons for removing your wisdom teeth: 

  • Becoming impacted

  • Not emerging fully from your gum

  • Leading dental pain

  • Leading swelling issues

  • Causing dental infection

  • Growing at the odd side of your mouth

  • Pushing against your other teeth

  • Causing dental crowding

  • Showing dental damage to nearby teeth

You must extract your wisdom tooth as immediately as possible according to all the reasons mentioned. We mean wisdom teeth extraction is essential for every one of us. After removing your wisdom tooth, you will remove different future dental damages.

Wisdom tooth removal may be a complex dental surgery. Your dentist will use local anesthesia to perform the dental surgery immediately and without pain. Don’t worry; this dental surgery will be safe and straightforward.

Be careful about dental care after your wisdom teeth extraction. You may feel uncomfortable for a time and experience hard times. These events are regular, and you can manage them easily by following the instructions of your dental doctor.

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